Nuraghe Losa

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Nuraghe Losa
Nuraghe Losa.JPG
Side view of Nuraghe Losa
Location Abbasanta, Sardinia, Italy
Periods Bronze Age
Cultures Nuragic civilization

The Nuraghe Losa is a nuraghe near Abbasanta, in Sardinia, Italy. One of the largest and best preserved nuraghe in the island, it dates to the 15th-13th centuries BC. The bastion and the line of walls date instead to the late 13th-early 12th centuries BC. The nuraghe was used for funerary rites until the 7th century AD.


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Coordinates: 40°07′01″N 8°47′24″E / 40.1169°N 8.79007°E / 40.1169; 8.79007