Nuraghe Seruci

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Nuraghe Seruci
Nuraghe Seruci
LocationGonnesa, Sardinia, Italy
PeriodsBronze Age
CulturesNuragic civilization

The nuraghe Seruci is an important archaeological site, located in the municipality of Gonnesa, in the Iglesiente region of Sardinia.

The nuraghe[edit]

The nuraghe is of the complex type, it consists of a central tower surrounded by five other towers, some of which are in good condition. The towers have their summit collapsed but originally their tops were crowned with battlements in stone.

From the nuraghe, being located in a hill of strategic importance, is possible to observe the entire surrounding area.

The village[edit]

The nuraghe is surrounded by a village, one of the largest in Sardinia, with about a hundred and fifty huts grouped in "residential areas" divided by narrow streets. The settlements covers 7 hectares, the huts are circular and in some of them is possible to see the use of architectural solutions that are rarely found in the other nuraghic villages; for example the use of partition walls inside of the huts and the addition of other environments of varying shape around the usual living environment.

At the center of the village is located a hut of vast size that probably was the meeting hut of the community.

Near the village and the nuraghe are also present at least three giants' tomb, the typical burials of nuragic Sardinia.


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