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Origin California, United States
Genres Post-grunge
Alternative rock
Years active 2000-2013
Labels Hopeless Records
Past members Kyle Castellani
Ryan Davis
Aaron Breding
Douglas Allen
Charley Hoy
John Anderson
Kyle Black

Nural was a band from La Crescenta, California. They formed in 2000 by Kyle Castellani, Ryan Davis, Kyle Black, Charley Hoy, and Aaron Breding. Douglas Allen, formerly of the bands Shallow and Normal Like You joined the band in 2006.


In early 2003, Nural signed their first Record deal with Hopeless Records. They then released their first full-length album titled The Weight Of The World on August 9, 2005. In the beginning of the summer of 2005, they began touring as one of the bands on the Warped Tour, and their single "Tension" appeared as one the songs on that year's Warped Tour compilation album from Side One Dummy Records. Nural has been between labels for quite some time now and the release of their second album, Entitlement, has been up in the air. Nural posted a blog on their Myspace on February 3, 2009 stating that they are releasing their album on digitally. They're still working on album and art and a book for their official release. Nural released Entitlement B-Sides on September 14, 2010 on iTunes.

Their music also appeared on the soundtrack to the Discovery Channel movie, Drift: The Sideways Craze.

Nural unofficially broke up in 2009 after a legal battle with their management. Several of the members have moved on to different projects. Most noticeably, Kyle Castellani has released a solo album in 2011 and continues to write music for other artists. On January 1, 2012[1] it was announced on Nural's Facebook page that they were working on an album that was supposed to be released in 2012, but on April 26, 2013 they stated that they had every intention of releasing a new album, but due to each band member having different projects that they were working on, a new album was not in the cards for any of the members.[2]

On October 3, 2013, a tweet was sent out to a fan in regards as to whether or not they are still working on music and they had stated that they are currently not working on any music in the foreseeable future, further confirming that the band has dissolved.[3]


  • The Struggle Continues EP (Self-released, 2004)
Track list
  1. "Tension"
  2. "The Curse"
  3. "I Told You So"
  4. "Live And Learn"
  5. "Spotlight"
  6. "Crowded"
  7. "The Struggle Continues"
Track list
  1. "Tension"
  2. "Chasing You"
  3. "The Curse"
  4. "Lukewarm"
  5. "Not Guilty"
  6. "The Root Of All Evil"
  7. "Sign Of Life"
  8. "Enlighten Me"
  9. "I Told You So"
  10. "Years To Come"
  11. "Forgive Me"
  12. "How Do You Sleep At Night"
Track list
  1. "The Hits Keep Coming"
  2. "Stop Me When You've Had Enough"
  3. "Physics"
  4. "Up Against"
  5. "Say What You Will"
  6. "Surefire"
  7. "I've Been Here Before"
  8. "Me Or The Music"
  9. "You've Got Some Nerve"
  10. "Sweet Oblivion"
Track list
  1. "This Is The Way"
  2. "Godspeed"
  3. "Adriana"
  4. "Kids These Days"
  5. "Calmer Waters"
  6. "Here Goes Nothing"
  7. "Can't Make You Change"
  8. "FU Pay Me"
  9. "Kylifornia"
  10. "Hero"
  11. "Calm In Your Eyes"
  12. "Stop Me When You've Had Enough (Demo)"
  13. "Say What You Will (Demo)"


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