Nureddin al-Atassi

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Nureddin al-Atassi
نور الدين الأتاسي
Nureddin Atassi.jpg
Secretary General of the National Command of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party
In office
March 1966 – 17 November 1970
Preceded by Munif al-Razzaz
(head of unitary Ba'ath Party)
Succeeded by Hafez al-Assad
Regional Secretary of the Regional Command of the Syrian Regional Branch
In office
March 1966 – 13 November 1970
Deputy Salah Jadid
Preceded by Amin al-Hafiz
(Last Regional Command dissolved in December 1965)
Succeeded by Hafez al-Assad
Member of the Regional Command of the Syrian Regional Branch
In office
March 1966 – 17 November 1970
In office
5 September 1963 – 19 December 1965
President of Syria
In office
25 February 1966 – 17 October 1970
Preceded by Amin al-Hafiz
Succeeded by Ahmad al-Khatib
Prime Minister of Syria
In office
29 October 1968 – 17 October 1970
Preceded by Yusuf Zu'ayyin
Succeeded by Hafez al-Assad
Personal details
Born 1929
Homs, Syria
Died 3 December 1992 (aged 63)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Political party Ba'ath Party
Religion Sunni Islam

Noureddin Mustafa Ali al-Atassi (1929 – 3 December 1992) (Arabic: نور الدين بن محمد علي الأتاسي Nūr ad-Dīn Muṣṭafā al-'Atasī) was President of Syria from February 1966 to November 1970.

Early life and education[edit]

Atassi was born in Homs in 1929 To The Famous Al Attasi Family.[1]


Atassi was a medical doctor by training, and in that capacity aided the Algerian forces against the French in the Algerian War of Independence. Though a long-time ideologue of the powerful Baath Party Atassi became its General Secretary as well as President of the Republic in 1966.[2] He was considered to be largely a ceremonial figurehead, with real power vested in the Deputy General Secretary, Salah Jadid. In 1970, he was deposed along with Salah Jadid in a coup by Hafez al-Assad, his defense minister.[3]

Arrest and death[edit]

Atassi was put under house arrest without trial.[4] Then he was transferred to the Mezze military prison in Damascus where he lived from 1970 to 1992.[2] After 22-year imprisonment, he was released and flown to Bangladesh to receive medical treatment at the expense of the Bangladeshi government. He was exiled to Bangladesh on 22 November 1992 and died at a hospital in December 1992.[2]


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