Nurse (album)

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Studio album by Therapy?
Released 17 October 1992 (EU)
2 November 1992 (UK)
12 January 1993 (USA)
Recorded July 1992 at The Barn, Annamoe, Ireland (track 7); August 1992 at Loco Studio, Caerleon, Wales
Genre Alternative metal, noise rock, industrial metal
Length 40:28
48:40 (JAP)
Label A&M
Producer Harvey Birrell
Therapy? chronology
Caucasian Psychosis
(1992)Caucasian Psychosis1992
Born in a Crash
(1993)Born in a Crash1993
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3/5 stars[1]
Robert Christgau (3-star Honorable Mention)[2]

Nurse is the first major label album released by the band Therapy?.[3] It was released on 2 November 1992 on A&M Records. The album was mainly recorded at Loco Studio in Caerleon, Wales, apart from "Gone" which was recorded in Annamoe, Ireland.[4] It marked a departure from the noise punk style of the two mini-albums, being a more industrial-sounding record. The album was rated favourably by critics and reached number 38 in the UK Albums Chart.[5]

The album was released on 12" vinyl, CD and cassette. In the US, the album was released on limited edition red 12" vinyl, CD and cassette.

A remastered CD version of the album by the original producer, Harvey Birrell, was included in The Gemil Box, released on 18 November 2013.

The original master of the album was used for a 'Music on Vinyl' audiophile re-issue, released on mixed red and gold 180g vinyl on 22 February 2016, limited to 1000 copies[6]

The album can be seen in the background of a 1993 Seinfeld episode entitled "The Old Man" in which Kramer and Newman attempt to sell used albums to Bleeker Bob's Records, a used record store.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Therapy?

No. Title Length
1. "Nausea" 3:56
2. "Teethgrinder" 3:26
3. "Disgracelands" 3:42
4. "Accelerator" 2:15
5. "Neck Freak" 5:51
6. "Perversonality" 3:52
7. "Gone" 6:23
8. "Zipless" 2:53
9. "Deep Sleep" 5:14
10. "Hypermania" 2:48
11. "Summer of Hate" (Japanese release only) 2:29
12. "Human Mechanism" (Japanese release only) 3:31
13. "Sky High McKay(e)" (Japanese release only) 2:13
Total length: 40:28/48:40


  • Andy Cairns - vocals/guitar
  • Fyfe Ewing - vocals/drums
  • Michael McKeegan - bass guitar
  • David James - cello on "Gone"
  • Harvey Birrell - producer, live sound and samples
  • Nick Atkins - engineer
  • Andrew Catlin - photography
  • Jeremy Pearce - design
  • Simon Carrington - design


  • "Teethgrinder" was released on 19 October 1992 on CD and 12" with "Summer of Hate", "Human Mechanism" and "Sky High McKay(e)". A remix 12" was also released featuring "Teethgrinder" (Tee Hee Dub Mix) and "Teethgrinder" (Unsane Mix). The single reached number 30 in the UK Singles Chart and number 19 in the Irish Singles Chart.[7]
  • "Nausea" was released as a radio-only single in America in 1992 with "Teethgrinder" (Tee Hee Dub Mix).
  • "Perversonality" was released as a radio-only single in America in 1993 with "Totally Random Man" (BBC version), "Neck Freak" (new recording) and "Bloody Blue".

Promotional videos[edit]

  • "Teethgrinder": directed by Jon Klein
  • "Nausea": directed by Jon Klein


  • The sample in "Nausea" ("Here I am motherfuckers!") is taken from the 1988 film Ghosts… of the Civil Dead and is spoken by Nick Cave.
  • The sample in "Teethgrinder" ("He's losing his mind and he feels it going") is taken from a 1960s information film by the US Navy warning of the dangers of LSD, a section of which was later included in a BBC documentary called The Beyond Within. The sample was also used by the Canadian group Skinny Puppy near the beginning of the track "Convulsion" from Too Dark Park (1990).
  • Other samples in "Teethgrinder" are taken from a TV documentary entitled American Conversations.