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A nurse is a healthcare professional.

Nurse or nurses may also refer to:

Occupations and activities[edit]

  • Breastfeeding, also known as "nursing"
  • Wet nurse, a woman who breastfeeds the baby of another
  • Nursery nurse, a specialist in early childhood education
  • Nurse, the old name for a nanny
  • Nurse Anesthetists assists doctors in a wide variety of settings, including the hospital room, surgery room.
  • Cardiac Care Nurse monitor and regulate functions of the heart in patients
  • Critical Care Nurse Critical Care Nurses care for patients who are knocking on death’s door

Entertainment and literature[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • Nurse tree, a tree that protects another plant when it is in its tender stages
  • My American Nurse, film by Pascal Atuma

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