Nurse Angel Ririka SOS

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Nurse Angel Ririka SOS
Nurse Angel Ririka SOS manga vol 1 cover.jpg
Manga volume #1 cover
(Nāsu Enjeru Ririka EsuŌEsu)
GenreMagical Girl
Written byYasushi Akimoto
Illustrated byKoi Ikeno
Published byShueisha
Original runJanuary 1995June 1996
Anime television series
Directed byAkitaro Daichi
StudioStudio Gallop, NAS
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original run July 7, 1995 March 29, 1996
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Nurse Angel Ririka SOS (ナースエンジェルりりかSOS, Nāsu Enjeru Ririka EsuŌEsu) is a Japanese shōjo manga series created by music producer and television writer Yasushi Akimoto and manga creator Koi Ikeno. The manga was serialized in Ribon Magazine from January 1995 to June 1996, and subsequently collected into four bound volumes published by Shueisha. The story follows Ririka Moriya, an elementary school student who receives the power to transform into the legendary guardian, Nurse Angel. As Nurse Angel, she is the only person capable of protecting the Earth from world-destroying invaders.

Studio Gallop adapted the manga into a 35-episode anime television series,[1] which premiered in Japan in July 1995, airing on TV Tokyo affiliates. Additional media produced include novelizations and a theatrical musical[2] that aired in digest form in the show's time slot after its conclusion.


The heroine, Ririka Moriya, is a bubbly 4th grader, albeit slightly clumsy, who has a crush on Nozomu Kanō, a transfer student from England. On her 10th birthday, Kanō (whom Ririka always calls Kanō-senpai) gives her a magical nurse cap, which allows Ririka to transform into the heavenly guardian, Nurse Angel. Kanō-senpai tells her that he is really named Kanon, and he comes from the planet Queen Earth, which has been overrun by the evil Dark Joker Organization, who has tarnished Kanō's world through mass pollution. He was sent to find the legendary Nurse Angel, who would save both Earth and Queen Earth from destruction by finding the Flower of Life (命の花 Inochi no Hana). With help from Kanō-senpai and her friend and neighbor Seiya Uzaki, she soon learns to fight as Nurse Angel to protect her friends.


Main characters[edit]

Ririka Moriya (森谷りりか, Moriya Ririka)

A cheerful, outgoing girl who wants to be a nurse when she grows up. She is a 4th grade student at White Dove Academy, a private school. Ririka lives in a household of five, including her parents, grandmother, and her little brother.

Seiya Uzaki (宇崎星夜, Uzaki Seiya)

Ririka's next-door neighbor, friend, and classmate. He loves Ririka, and will go to any length to protect her.

Nozomu Kanō (Kanō Nozomu)/Kanon (加納望/カノン, Kanon)

An emissary from Queen Earth who was sent by Princess Helena to search for the Flower of Life and the legendary Nurse Angel. He becomes Ririka's mentor.

Secondary characters[edit]

Princess Helena (ヘレナ王女, Herena Ōjo)

The ruler of Queen Earth who sent Kanon to Earth in search of Nurse Angel, and she occasionally guides Ririka by speaking in her mind. The state of Queen Earth is reflected in Helena, and thus she is gravely ill.

Karin Mizuhara (水原花林, Mizuhara Karin)

A friend and classmate of Ririka who is outgoing and likes to speaks her mind.

Anna Kazami (風見安奈, Kazami Anna)

A friend and classmate of Ririka, she is demure and speaks in a very polite fashion.

Miyuki Kuwano (桑野みゆき, Kuwano Miyuki)

A 4th grader at White Dove Academy who forms a fan club for Kanō. She is often frustrated because Kanō pays more attention to Ririka than her.

Mimina (ミミナ, Mimina)

Princess Helena's younger sister, who decides to come to Earth posing as Kanō's little sister. Mimina develops a crush on Seiya.

Madoka Moriya (森谷 まどか, Moriya Madoka)

Ririka and Shou's mother.

Kazuhito Moriya (森谷 一等, Moriya Kazuhito)

Ririka and Shou's father.

Kurumi Moriya (森谷 くるみ, Moriya Kurumi)

Ririka and Shou's grandmother.

Shou Moriya (森谷 賞, Moriya Shōu)

Ririka's younger brother.

Hiroshi Uzaki (宇崎 ひろし, Uzaki Hiroshi)

Seiya's father who works as a doctor at a nearby hospital.

Yuko Uzaki (宇崎 裕子, Uzaki Yuko)

Seiya's mother who does domestic work at home.

Dark Joker[edit]

Buros (ブロス, Burosu)

The leader of Dark Joker, Buros' goal is to eliminate all life in the universe.

Dewey (デューイ, Dyui)

One of Buros' lackeys - primarily an anime character, though he appears in a manga gaiden. He thinks of the battle for Earth in the terms of a game.

Keto (ケトー, Ketō)

One of Buros' lackeys. He is a schemer who uses disguises and traps take his enemies by surprise.

Regi (レギ, Regi)

Buros' younger brother who appears only in the manga.


For three weeks after the anime completed, footage of the Nurse Angel Ririka SOS musical was shown in its timeslot. Actress Kanako Irie (入絵加奈子, Irie Kanako) stars as Rirka - she also appears in the film Kamikaze Girls. The three episodes are as follows:

  • Where is the Flower of Life? (命の花はどこに, Inochi no Hana wa Doko ni)
  • Say, Please Remember (ねえ 思い出して, Nee Omoidashite)
  • Because You're Always at My Side (いつもそばにいるから, Itsumo Soba ni Iru kara)


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