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The Nurse with Wound list

The Nurse with Wound list is a list of musicians and bands that was included with Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella (1979), the first album by Nurse with Wound.[1] There are 291[2] entries on the list. The list was expanded with Nurse with Wound's second album, To the Quiet Men from a Tiny Girl (1980).

The list was compiled by the original Nurse with Wound trio of Steven Stapleton, John Fothergill, and Heman Pathak. It was intended as a homage to the artists who influenced the Nurse with Wound project.[3][4] It has since become a type of 'shopping list' for collectors of outsider and avant-garde music.

Given their obscurity, some of the artists named on the list have been a mystery for many collectors.[5] Stapleton has even boasted that some of the names on the list were invented,[6] a statement denied by John Fothergill.[7]






  • Eiliff, German jazz-rock group.
  • Emtidi, German space kraut-folk duo of Maik Hirschfeldt and Dolly Holmes.
  • Eroc, German drummer and multi-instrumentaluist Joachim H. Ehrig. Was a member of Grobschnitt (see below).
  • Etron Fou Leloublan, French rock group. Part of the Rock in Opposition movement.
  • Exmagma, German rock group. They have no relation to the French band Magma.



  • Gash, German rock band.
  • Ron Geesin, British composer, musician, producer. Has worked with Pink Floyd.
  • Gila, German rock group.
  • Jef Gilson, French musician.
  • Glaxo Babies, British rock group.
  • God in Disguise, see Förklädd Gud (above)
  • Gomorrha, German rock group.
  • Gong, British/French rock group.
  • Good Missionaries side-project of Alternative TV (see above).
  • Le Grand Magic Circus, French performance group. Danny Elfman was once a member.
  • John Greaves and Peter Blegvad (and Lisa Herman), collaboration between members of Henry Cow (see below) and Slapp Happy.
  • Fernando Grillo, Italian contrabass player with ties to the Fluxus scene.
  • Ragnar Grippe, Swedish electronic musician composer.
  • Grobschnitt, German rock group. Also see Eroc (above).
  • Group 1850, Dutch rock group.
  • Jean Guérin, French multi-instrumentalist.
  • Friedrich Gulda Austrian pianist and composer. Was a member of Anima-Sound (see above).
  • Guru Guru, German rock group. Also see Uli Trepte (below).








  • Napoli Centrale, Italian rock group.
  • Negativland, American group.
  • Neu!, German duo formed by ex-members of Kraftwerk (see above). La Düsseldorf is a related band. Also see Fritz Müller (above).
  • New Phonic Art, French jazz ensemble led by Vinko Globokar. Also featuring Michel Portal (see below), Jean-Pierre Drouet, and Carlos Roqué Alsina.
  • Nico, German singer best known for being on the first Velvet Underground (see below) album.
  • Night Sun, German rock group.
  • Nihilist Spasm Band, Canadian rock group.
  • Nine Days Wonder, German rock group.
  • Nosferatu, German rock group.
  • Nu Creative Methods, French jazz duo of Bernard Pruvost and Pierre Bastien.


  • Oktober, German rock group.
  • Yoko Ono, Japanese artist involved in the Fluxus scene. Later married John Lennon of the Beatles.
  • Operation Rhino, French jazz ensemble of Gilbert Artman (see above), Pierre Bastien, Claude Bernard, Jacques Berrocal (see above), Raymond Boni (see above), Evan Chandlee, Mion Cinellu, Dominique Christian, Daniel Deshays, Harald Kenietzo, Tonia Munuera, Itaru Oki, Alain Pinsolle, Philippe Pochan, Patrice Raux, Richard Raux, François Tusques, and Mallot Vallois.
  • Opus Avantra, Italian rock group led by Alfredo Tisocco and Donella Del Monaco.
  • Orchid Spangiafora, American audio collage artist.[9]
  • Out of Focus, German rock group.
  • Ovary Lodge, British group led by Keith Tippett.
  • Tony Oxley, British jazz drummer.










  • Ya Ho Wha 13, American commune and rock group. Recorded under various names such as Father Yod And The Spirit Of '76 and Fire, Water, Air. Sky Saxon, from the group The Seeds, was once a member of the commune, though he did not participate in the rock band.
  • La Monte Young, American composer and musician.



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