Nursipalu training area

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Nursipalu harjutusväli
Nursipalu training area
Near Võru in Estonia
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Coordinates 57°49′N 26°51′E / 57.817°N 26.850°E / 57.817; 26.850Coordinates: 57°49′N 26°51′E / 57.817°N 26.850°E / 57.817; 26.850
Type Military training area
Area 3,300 ha (8,200 acres)
Site information
Operator Estonian Defence Forces
Status Active
Site history
In use 2008

Nursipalu training area is one of the six military training fields used by the Estonian Defence Forces. It is located in Sõmerpalu and Rõuge municipalities in Võru County. The area of the training area is approximately 3,300 ha (8,200 acres).


During the Soviet occupation of Estonia, Nursipalu training area was part of the Soviet Army Visnevski military-campus and training area for Soviet Airborne Troops and missile brigade with the area of 3,703 ha.[1]


Nursipalu training area was established on 14 February 2008, with the Government Order No. 79 "Establishment of the Defense Forces Nursipalu training area and handing over the state property."[2]

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