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Elfira Loy
Born Nurul Elfira Loy bt Ahmad Sabri
(1994-03-08) 8 March 1994 (age 23)
Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Other names Elfira Loy
Occupation Actress and model
Parent(s) Ahmad Sabri
Filzah Binti Yusoff
Relatives Ahmad Ezzraa Loy
Nurul Ezlisa Loy
Ahmad Ezzrin Loy
Ahmad Evvraa Loy

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Nurul Elfira Loy Binti Ahmad Sabri (born March 8, 1994) (Jawi: نورول ايلفير لوي), better known by her stage name Elfira Loy, is a Malaysian actress. She debuted in her first telemovie drama Cinta Itu Buta where she acted as a school girl. She is known for her role as Qalesya in the hit drama Qalesya and as Amirah in Disney's Waktu Rehat. Elfira's siblings, Ahmad Ezzrin Loy and Nurul Ezlisa Loy are both actors.

Early life[edit]

Nurul Elfira Loy Binti Ahmad Sabri, was born on 8 March 1994 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Ahmad Sabri and Filzah Binti Yusoff. She has four siblings: eldest brother Ahmad Ezzraa Loy, younger sister Nurul Ezlisa Loy, younger brother Ahmad Ezzrin Loy and youngest brother Ahmad Evvraa Loy. She have mix blood Malay-Javanese. She studied in SMK Bandar Tun Hussein Onn 2, Cheras. Now, she is currently pursuing her tertiary education at KDU University College in Damansara, Selangor.


Early Years (2006–2011)[edit]

Elfira started her acting career at the age of 12 as a child performer in Ali Baba: The Musical Theater(2006). She represented Malaysia with seven other child actors for Ali Baba: The Musical Theater in Hamedan International Theater Festival for Children and Youth Adults that took place on 27 September to 5 October 2010.[1] She also involved for Ibu Zain Theater Season 1 and 2. She was dubbed in her first telemovie drama as titled Cinta Itu Buta performed as school girl character. She continued her interest in acting and involved in many dramas. She made an appearance in Damping Malam (2010). She played the character Rin in a Japanese film titled 'Second Chance' that was released in 2011. At the same time, Elfira was also chosen as the new representative and endorsed by Astro for two years. This meant that Elfira was 'pegged' and not allowed to star in any non-Astro production. [2] (2011–2012)

Recent Career (2012–present)[edit]

In 2012, she acted as Juju in the movie Jangan Ambil Padang Kami; a story based on life of flat residents and Bella in hit drama Dalam Hati Ada Taman (2012) together with Randy Pangalila. Elfira also worked on several film projects such as Rentap: The Movie, Plus One, Permata Hatiku, etc. She was also appointed as the brand ambassador for Maybelline New York (Malaysia) (2012) and Sofy (2013).

TV Commercials[edit]

Elfira Loy is also model and actress for TV commercials and advertisements for brands such as Motosikal Honda, Sunway Lagoon, Mee Sedap, Institut Jantung Negara, Bank RHB, Mamee Slurp and The New Face Of Maybelline New York (Malaysia).



Year Title Role Notes
2010 Damping Malam Issued
2011 Second Chance Rin Issued
Japan Film
2014 Ribbit Sandy Issued


Year Title Role Director Notes Episode Production TV Station
2008 Tentang Bulan The Series Zurina Mazri Musafa Main Actress 26 Metrowealth International Group (MIG) Astro Prima
2009 Roh Natrah Natrah Khairul (Wak Lu) Issued 13 TV2
2009 Qalesya 1 Qalesya Sridhar Jetty Al Bakri Main Actress Nusantara Seri Karya Astro Ria
2009–2010 Senja Permai Yasmine Supporting Actress 68 Nusantara Seri Karya Astro Prima
2010 Chinta Chinta (young) Ahmad Puad Onah Supporting Actress 28 Grand Brilliance TV3
2010 Syurgamu Ramadhan Suzana Shahrulezad Mohameddin Main Actress 14 Radiusone Sdn Bhd TV3
2010 Qalesya 2 Qalesya Main Actress Nusantara Seri Karya Astro Prima
2011 Kum Kum: The Series Syikin Michael Ang Supporting Actress 13 Cube Film Sdn Bhd Astro Ria
2011 Hani Nisa Issued 13 TV3
2011 Samson dan Delaila Amira Ahmad Puad Onah Supporting Actress 23 Grand Brilliance TV3
2012 Jangan Ambil Padang Kami Juju Joeza Rasidi Supporting Actress 13 Suhan Movies Trading Astro Ria
2012 Dalam Hati Ada Taman Bella Michael Ang Main Actress 13 Cube Film Sdn Bhd Astro Ria
2013 Tanggang Ayu Alissa Michael Ang Supporting Actress 28 Cube Film Astro Prima
2013 Demi Dia[3] Azura[4] Aziz M Osman Main Actress 24 Ace Motion Sdn Bhd TV3
2013–2014 Plus One[5] Marissa Joeza Rasidi Main Actress 13 Primework Studios TV9
2014 Arka Raja Haji Puteri Hamidah Datuk Paduka Shuhaimi Baba Main Actress 8 Pesona Pictures Astro Box Office
2014 Separuh Jiwaku Hana Bahri Umararif Bajuri Main Actress 14 BZ2121 Production TV9

Telemovie Drama[edit]

Year Title Role Director Notes Production TV Station
2008 Cinta Itu Buta Issued Astro Ceria
2010 Permata Hati Supporting Actress TV2
2010 Sabrina Vs Sazaly Supporting Actress TV3
2010 Kum Kum Mariam Michael Ang Supporting Actress Cube Film Astro Ria
2011 Mahligai Itu Milikku Aida Heykal Hanifah Supporting Actress Suhan Movies Trading TV9
2011 Lara Hati Seorang Ibu Supporting Actress Astro Oasis
2011 Sayaaang Abah Intan Michael Ang Main Actress Cube Film Astro Prima
2011 Ekspress Dania Dania Michael Ang Main Actress Cube Film Astro Ria
2011 Biar Mimpi Sampai Ke Bintang Alya Michael Ang Main Actress Cube Film Astro Ria
2011 Hati Yang Terpinggir Shazreen Haizul Anafer Ali Main Actress TV1
2012 Cik Paris Diva Kampung Mariam Ghaz Abu Bakar Main Actress Mermaid Studios Astro Ria
2013 Putih dan Putera Hodoh Putih Michael Ang Main Actress Cube Film Astro Ceria
2013 Untuk Terakhir Kali Aishah Michael Ang Main Actress Cube Film Astro Ria
Astro Maya HD
2013 Aku Bukan Malaikat Adik Eirma Fatima Supporting Actress Rumah Karya Citra TV3
2013 Nak Jadi Menantu, Ye? Rusnani Khalid Sulaiman Main Actress Firdaus Maju Sdn Bhd TVi
2014 Laikatong Dian Zul Huzaimy Main Actress Dark Wave Pictures Astro Ria
2014 Biasan Lehah Murali Abdullah Main Actress TV3
2014 Di Sebalik Kasyafmu Dhia Eirma Fatima Main Actress Rumah Karya Citra TV3
2014 Ketika Cinta Merintih Eirma Fatima Rumah Karya Citra TV3
2014 Siti Aishah Suraya Main Actress Outloud Studios RTM

Program Host/ TV Shows[edit]

Year Title Role Notes TV
2010–2012 Disney Waktu Rehat[6] Amirah Aminuddin Season 1, 2 and 3 Disney Channel Asia
Disney XD Malaysia
Astro Ceria
2009 Berani Jadi Bos Self Shows The Design Astro Ceria
2009 Cuti-Cuti Famili Self Shows The Design TV1
2009 Selamat Pagi Putera Puteri Self Shows The Design (Season 1 and 2) TV1
2009 Shana & Nina Self Shows The Design TV3
2009 Kids and Cash Self Shows The Design TV3
2012 Chictivity Self Shows The Design Celebrate TV
2012 Rekativiti Self Shows The Design Astro TVIQ
2012–2013 Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia Self Player – Organize by Aaron Aziz Astro Ria
2013 Kan Dah Kena Self Appearance with Ezlisa Loy
Eps 8
Astro Ceria
2013 FFM 25 – Red Carpet Self Co-host with Hefny Sahad Astro
2013 Dinamik 2 Self 14 Eps TV2
2013 Mbsb Over The Top Self Shows The Design (Season 2 – Sri Pentas) TV 3
2013 WHI Live Self Appearance TV3
2013 Sembang Sahur Self Appearance TV3
2013 Projek Gila Self Co-host with Siti Saleha
8 Eps
2013 MeleTOP Self Appearance with
Nabil, Neelofa dan Ajak Shiro
Astro Ria
2013 MeleTOP Self Appearance with
Nabil, Neelofa dan Hanez Suraya
Astro Ria
2013 Propaganza Self Appearance with Marsha and Johan Astro Ria
Astro Maya HD
2013 Hello Bro... Tolong Deko Self Appearance with Zoey Rahman and Dafi Astro Ria
Astro Maya HD
2013 TGIAF Self Appearance with Zizan Razak and Hanis Zalikha Astro Ria
2013 Destinasi Ria – Hong Kong Self The Loys Astro Ria
Manggis TV
2013 Mad Markets Self Co-host with Akmal Nazri
Eps 6: Macau
Eps 7: Philippines
Eps 8: Philippines
Eps 9:Thailand (Chiangmai)
Eps 10: Thailand (Lampang)
2013 Ceria Superstar Self Dance with Glamgirls Astro Ceria
2014 Supper Self Appearance with Kaka Azraff TV9
2014 WayangXtraVaganza Self Episode 1: Melayu Klasik
Episode 2: Parti With Abang Khai
Episode 3: Kaki Bola
Episode 4: Chef
Episode 5: Retro
Episode 6: Arabic
Episode 7: Rock
Episode 8: Cowboy
Episode 9: Kolar Putih
Episode 11: Hiphop Style
Episode 12: Idola
Episode 13: Red Carpet

TV Commercials[edit]

Year Title Role Notes TV Station
2011 Motosikal Honda Self Issued TV3
2011 Sunway Lagoon Self Issued TV2
2011 Mee Sedap Self Issued TV3
2011 Institut Jantung Negara Self Issued TV3
2011 Bank RHB Self Issued TV3
2011 Mamee Slurp Self Issued TV3
2012 The New Face of Maybelline New York (Malaysia)[7] Appearance Model Issued TV1
2013 Sofy Body Comfit Self Issued TV3

Musical Theatre[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2006 Ali Baba: Bujang Lapok[8] Nursiah
(Ali Baba's Wife)
Issued Live at
Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.
2006 Ibu Zain 1 & 2[8] Self Issued
2012 Ali Baba Marjina Issued Live at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Voice Over[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2012 The Smurfs Odile Issued
2013 The Smurfs 2 Vexy Issued

Awards and Nominations[edit]

Year Awards Category Result
2010 Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2010-Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian New Popular Female Actress Nominated
2011 Anugerah Skrin 2011 Best Supporting Actress For Drama "(Kum Kum)" Won
Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2011-Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian TV Popular Female Actress Nominated
Most Popular Online Female Actress Nominated
2012 Anugerah Stail EH! People Choice of Selebriti Nominated


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