Nurzhol Boulevard

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Coordinates: 51°7′37.95″N 71°26′13.01″E / 51.1272083°N 71.4369472°E / 51.1272083; 71.4369472

Nurzhol Boulevard (Kazakh: бульвар «Нұржол», býlvar Nurjol, formerly known as «сулы-нулы бульвар», «sýly nýly býlvar» Green Water Boulevard) is the national boulevard of Kazakhstan, a pedestrian area in the new business and administrative centre on the left bank of Ishim river, in the capital, Nur-Sultan. The Boulevard is one of the main attractions of the city and country.[1][2] Both Nurzhol Boulevard and the layout of the city were designed by renowned architect Kisho Kurokawa. The boulevard runs from the President's residence Ak Orda to the marquee shaped Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center (Хан Шатыр).

Along the boulevard there is a row of buildings designed by well-known domestic and foreign architects, including the city's most recognisable structure, the Bayterek.



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