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Nut often refers to:

  • Nut (fruit), fruit composed of a hard shell and a seed, or a collective noun for dry and edible fruits or seeds
  • Nut (hardware), fastener used with a bolt

Nut, NUT or Nuts may also refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and media


  • Nuts, comic in the National Lampoon by Gahan Wilson (1970s)
  • Nuts, comic strip in alternative newspapers by M. Wartella (1990s)

Fictional characters



Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media


Institutions and organisations

Instruments and mechanical tools

Science and technology


Other uses

  • Nut (goddess), the Egyptian goddess of the sky
  • Nut, the En dash in typography
  • Modesto Nuts, minor league baseball team in Modesto, California, USA
  • No U-turn syndrome or NUTS, term describing Singaporean culture
  • NUT Motorcycles, Newcastle-upon-Tyne motorcycle manufacturer
  • "Nuts!", U.S. Army General Anthony McAuliffe's refusal-to-surrender message during the World War II German siege of Bastogne
  • Nutty slack, cheap fuel consisting of slack (coal dust) and small lumps of coal (nuts) (British English)
  • The Nut (Tasmania), volcanic plug near the town of Stanley, Australia

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