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Industry Adult Gaming Industry
Founded January 2015
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Products PC games, Online games, free-to-play games, downloadable games, mobile games
Owner MindGeek
Website 18+, Adult themed without nudity.

Nutaku is the world's largest gaming platform dedicated to +18 titles. Located in Canada, distributes high quality games with stunning graphics and fully adult scenes, offering a cross-platform gaming experience for ever +18 player. The multi-stimulating gaming platform distributes browser and mobile games, in both free-to-play and premium options. [1]

Boasting over 100 million visits per month, has grown to be the largest free-to-play browser and downloadable gaming platform in the world since its birth in January of 2015. has over 20 million registered members around the globe and is leading the adult gaming market share with one of the highest numbers of monthly visits.[2]

The adult gaming platform offers titles of various genres including action-adventure, massively multiplayer online game, dating sim, clicker, puzzle, turn-based strategy (TBS), strategy, visual novels, virtual reality, and many more.

Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems support most of Nutaku titles. Each individual game page lists the specific operating systems that are supported.

The platform also provides a stage for western indie web game developers. Nutaku invests in game developers and studios by covering costs of introducing nudity and sex scenes into their high-quality games. By doing so, developers are given the opportunity to succeed on a platform identified as the solution to oversaturated gaming markets through Nutaku’s global platform.


Nutaku timeline
2015— Nutaku is born
— Home page redesign
— Nutaku announces the launch of the all-ages website,
2016— Home page redesign
— First Android game arrives to Nutaku
— First Downloadable game arrives to Nutaku
— Nutaku announces partnership with Kimochi
— Nutaku surpasses 5M registered users
2017— 95 games on the platform
— Nutaku Tan is revealed
— Nutaku reaches 50M monthly visitors
— Nutaku launches Kimochi Classifieds
— Nutaku makes $10M investment in untapped Latin American market&
— Nutaku reaches 155 games & 10M registered users on the platform
2018— Nutaku turns 3 years old
— Nutaku launches Erotic Gifting Kit for Single Gamers
— Nutaku announces the platform will be accepting "Verge" cryptocurrency
— Nutaku expands into VR
— Nutaku announces its unisex adult toy product, "Flick n' Jerk"
— Nutaku announces its first popup event in New York, "Hentai is Art
— Nutaku announces its first worldwide eSports competition
— Nutaku reaches 100M visitors/month
— Nutaku reaches top 500 website in the world

In December 2014, DMM partnered with Nutaku with the objective of marketing and publishing games to the western market.[3] Nutaku was the sole distributor of DMM games outside Japan.

In January 2015, the platform was launched with four Japanese games that were translated for an English-speaking audience. Although they began with the release of card battle RPG “Lord of Valkyrie,” Nutaku has rapidly expanded its selection to include online games of the card-battle, adventure,[4] city building,[5] and sim genres.[6] It was particularly noted for its broad selection of translated Japanese erotic games.[7]

In August 2015, an online version of Everlasting Summer with restored adult content was released on Nutaku.[6] In November 2015, Nutaku announced the launch of an all-ages website.[8]

In July 2016, Nutaku announced their partnership with Kimochi, a downloadable game client focused on the digital distribution of adult games from around the world.[9][10]

In February 2017, Nutaku announced the launch of Kimochi Red Light, a new crowdfunding platform that had been set up exclusively to crowdfund adult games.[11][12]

In November 2017, Nutaku launched Kimochi Classifieds, a free to use site connecting game developers and talented job seekers around the globe.[13]

By 2017, the platform had worked to grow the adult gaming industry, and has reached milestones, including:

  • Largest F2P browser & downloadable gaming platform dedicated to 18+ games
  • Over 100 partnerships with development studios worldwide
  • Launch of Kimochi Red Lights crowdfunding platform
  • $13 million investment dedicated to game development, with $10M going towards the untapped Latin America Market[14]

In May 2018, Nutaku expanded into VR, making headlines on many outlets, like Forbes.[15] Nutaku’s expansion into VR came after the recent announcement that the platform would allow gamers to process payment transactions with Verge cryptocurrency in April 0f 2018.[16] The incorporation of these two emerging technologies showcased Nutaku’s commitment to innovate the adult gaming community.

By 2018, Nutaku had invested over $30 million in indie, startup and international gaming studios and developers who were producing quality adult gaming titles.

Nutaku announced the conceptualization of the “Flick n’ Jerk” in May of 2018.[17] The gender inclusive gadget that featured multiple sex toys was created to give Nutaku users pleasure on and offline, single and multi-player.

In June of 2018, Nutaku held its first ever art exhibit popup event, “Hentai Is Art”, in SoHo, New York.[18] The exhibit aimed to bring art, anime, and gaming fans together to celebrate unrestricted art and hentai.

In September of 2018, Nutaku reached a record of 100 million monthly visits along with 20 million users.[18]

Game Types[edit]


Large portions of Nutaku’s games are free-to-play. Free-to-play (F2P or FtP) video games give players access to majority of game content for free. In-game virtual goods and content; such as booster items, time warps, and expanded customization options can be purchased through microtransactions.

Large quantities of Nutaku titles are played over the Internet, using web browsers. The browser titles include various game genres and can also be either single-player or multiplayer. Often free-to-play, browser games may be played on multiple different devices, web browsers, and operating systems.

Some of Nutaku’s top Browser games include Crystal Maidens, Fap CEO, and Pocket Waifu.

Mobile friendly games on can be downloaded via Android App and played through iOS Smartphone Browser. Android and iOs devices that meet system requirements have access to game content from the Mobile Library selection.

Games that are both Android & iOS friendly include Fake Lay, Kamihime PROJECT R, and Harem Heroes.

  • Android’s first Android App game was introduced in April of 2016. Nutaku has since widened its selection of mobile games that are compatible for Android smartphones/tablets, via Android App. Android devices that meet system requirements are granted access to downloadable games.’s popular mobile games include Pocket Waifu, T’N’T, Sacred Sword Princesses, and Foxynite.

  • PC Client

PC Client games are titles that can be downloaded straight to users’ computers and be played from their desktops. In order to play downloadable games, users must save the games to their computer and install them before they are usable. Client games can either be free-to-play or premium, depending on the title.

Top free-to-play client games: Pocket Fantasy, Fap CEO, and Sacred Sword Princesses.


Premium games are titles that users can purchase and download before use. Premium titles fall under the categories of PC Client, and VR. has a vast selection of premium titles that range from $1.00 to approximately, $50.00.

Registered members can purchase titles through online payment options, Nutaku Gold currency, or Verge cryptocurrency.

Top premium PC Client games: My Neighbor Is A Yandere?!, Devious, and Shards of Eradine.

  • VR Nutaku expanded into the realm of virtual reality, in May of 2018, with the release of two adult VR titles: Sexbot Quality Assurance & Eleven Love: Naughty Rituals. Players are able to engage in sexual exploration with virtual characters in otherworldly settings. Nutaku’s VR announcement was mentioned on Forbes and The Sun. VR titles on run on compatible PCs with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support. Top premium VR games: Sexbot Quality Assurance & Elven Love: Naughty Rituals.

Market Share and Impact[edit]


Nutaku’s registered users have grown significantly over the past few years. The website ended their first year in 2015 with 1 million users. In year 2016, Nutaku garnered 5 million registered members, and in 2017, this number grew to 10 million. Nutaku currently has over 20 million registered members worldwide. The top 5 countries that users identify from are USA, Canada, Germany, France, and the U.K.[19]

Game Genres[edit]

The gaming platform is dedicated to bringing the highest quality adult games to their committed fan base and does so by offering an extensive range of various genres of games.  

  • Clicker

Popular Games: Taps of Eradine, Attack on Moe H, Fap CEO

Popular Games: Crystal Maidens, Rumblade, Throne of Legends

Popular Games: Ketto Majiku, Chick WarsHeroes of Lust

Popular Games: Ultra Adventure! Go Go- Osawari Island, Panties Of Rage

Popular Games: Booty Calls, Pocket Waifu, Fake Lay

Popular Games: Kingdoms of Lust, Sweet State, Big Bang Emplore

Popular Games: Crystal Maidens, Rumblade, Futanari Quest

Popular Games: Naughty Kingdom, Bubble Date Mania, Booty Calls

Popular Games: Sexbot Quality Assurance, Elven Love: Naughty Rituals

Popular Games:  My Neighbor Is A Yandere?! (Chapter 2), Devious, The Wilting Amaranth



  • PewDiePie Nutaku began collaborating with YouTube sensation, PewDiePie, in February of 2018. The YouTuber made a few “Let’s Play" videos of him playing Nutaku’s most famous games.[20][21]
  • Dan Bull Nutaku collaborated with Dan Bull, the English YouTuber best known for his raps about video games, in July 2018. Dan composed and rap song about one of Nutaku’s famous games, Sacred Sword Princesses.[22]

Publication Mentions[edit] has been mentioned by many large publications for its announcements.

Forbes mentioned for their 3rd Birthday,[19] Cryptocurrency Announcement,[23] and Nutaku’s expansion into VR.[15]

The Sun mentioned’s eSports[24] and Flick N’ Jerk announcements.[25]

Vice mentioned’s Flick N’ Jerk,[26] VR,[27] and Kimochi announcements.[10]

Kotaku covered’s Kimochi Red Light,[11] Japanese Game Translation,[7] and Pocket Waifu announcements.[28]

Cosmopolitan mentioned’s Flick N’ Jerk.[29]

Wired Magazine mentioned in their gaming article.[30]

Mashable covered’s Flick N’ Jerk[31] & Cryptocurrency announcements.[32]

Yahoo mentioned’s $10M investment, Cryptocurrency, and Flick N’ Jerk announcements.

Gizmodo covered’s Flick N’ Jerk announcement.[33]


  • Kimochi Red Light — launched a crowdfunding web site called Kimochi Red Light to raise money for adult-oriented games in February 2017. Kimochi Red Light was the only platform in the world to exclusively fund 18+ games. The appealing aspect of the crowdfunding site is that it is backed by trusted industry professionals and does not take any commission or fee from the funding of any campaigns-100 percent of the money raised from the crowdfunding campaigns goes straight to the developers.[12]
  • Kimochi Classifieds — In November 2017, launched Kimochi Classifieds, a network platform that allows developers, artists, designers, and freelancers to post ads and resumes to find work or hire talent for adult-themed games. The site is free to use and was created with the goal of growing the adult gaming industry. The platform aims to enable talented job seekers to sync up with developers who need help completing their games and projects. The fields range from art, animation, writing, development, sound and audio, and even design and marketing.[34]
  • Nutaku Invests $13M for Game Development in Latin America & Montreal — launched a $13 million investment fund, in December 2017, to fully finance the development of adult versions of existing games along with the development of new adult titles. The adult platform dedicated $10 million of the investment fund for game development in Latin America, with goals of tapping into an underutilized market within the gaming industry. Nutaku also allocated $3 million to game developers and studios located in its own hometown, Montreal, one of the leading gaming hubs in the world. In a time where less than 1% of apps and 5% of games were financially successful, Nutaku intended to fund games that did not get a chance to succeed through the traditional gaming marketplace, with a goal of democratizing the industry.[35]
  • Anniversary — In January 2018, Nutaku celebrated its 3rd birthday. To honor the milestone, Nutaku offered up limited time “birthday gold packages” with added bonuses through a social media contest that gave 300 players a chance to win 1,000 gold each. The platform also gave away three Razor Blade Pro 17” Gaming Laptops, valued at $2,299 USD, along with gaming gear.[36]
  • Nutaku Accepts Cryptocurrency — In April of 2018, Nutaku announced the company would begin allowing gamers to process transactions across the platform with Verge cryptocurrency. Nutaku began accepting Verge alongside of MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and other major payment methods to purchase Nutaku Gold. The Gold currency allows players to purchase downloadable gaming titles, along with in-game purchases for free-to-play games throughout’s entire library.[23]
  • Virtual Reality — On May 10th, Nutaku announced the company’s strategic expansion into virtual reality with the debut of two interactive exclusively offered VR experiences that released on the platform. The addition of these premium offerings signaled Nutaku’s objective to expand into diverse gaming frontiers. The addition of SexBot: Quality Assurance Simulator and Elven Love: Naughty Rituals marked the start of the company’s mission to bring immersive sexual VR games and experiences to market, allowing users to have a much deeper experience in adult games. With equal viewing options created for both female and male audiences, Nutaku’s experiences promoted their commitment to providing inclusive playing options for all members of the community.[15][37]
  • Flick N’ Jerk — In May of 2018, Nutaku announced the creation of the “Flick N’ Jerk,” an all-in-one pleasure paradise sex toy. The conceptualization of the “Flick N’ Jerk” was Nutaku’s way of creating a product that could speak to all of their gamers and the general public. The adult toy was designed to appeal to all genders, equipped with four popular toys that could be used by everyone. The prototype appeared on VICE’s Motherboard,[26] Cosmopolitan,[29] and Mashable.[31]
  • Hentai Is Art — In June 2018, Nutaku held its first ever art exhibit popup event called “Hentai Is Art” in SoHo, New York.[18] The event was created for art, hentai, and gaming enthusiasts to join together to celebrate deviant art and break stigmas associated with unrestricted art. Various artists were commissioned to recreate hentai versions of classical masterpieces that were showcased at the event. Nutaku also commissioned graffiti artists to paint Nutaku art murals across Brooklyn for the campaign.[38]
  • Nutaku’s Reddit AMAs — Nutaku held two Reddit AMAs in March and June of 2018. The gaming platform answered any questions that the public wished to ask them. The adult platform was voted up to be the top link of the Reddit IAmA page and remained there for 24 hours both times.  As a result, had very successful Reddit AMA sessions.[39]
  • Nutaku Hosts First-Ever Adult eSports Tournament —, announced the company’s expansion into eSports with the launch of their first-ever adult eSports tournament. The competition was sponsored by YouPorn. By expanding into eSports, Nutaku intended to meet the ongoing demands of Nutaku’s diverse community who have been asking for competitive adult games. Nutaku shared that the competitive PVP mobile title, TnT, was chosen for the upcoming tournament.[40]


Nutaku Tan Mascot[edit]

Nutaku Tan is’s official mascot. Sporting a stylish uniform, pink hair, and cat eared headphones, Nutaku Tan makes appearances on Nutaku’s website, social media platforms, brand campaigns, and expositions.

Nutaku Tan has quite the profile and personality. She is half-Japanese and loves video games and all things fantasy, anime and manga. Her blood type is B, favorite quote is “Make Hentai Great Again”, loves “Sake bombs”, and prefers RPG games. Nutaku Tan’s hobbies include baking, playing board games, cosplaying, singing karaoke, and bending things.[41]

Social Media[edit]

Nutaku stays active across multi-social media channels in order to engage with fans and members worldwide. News on game launches, updates, events, and meetups are often shared on all platforms.

Blog[edit] stays in touch with their devoted community by keeping their members engaged and in the loop through blog posts. Blogs articles related to gaming,[42] anime,[43] hentai,[44] and Nutaku news[45] are consistently posted to keep their fans updated with the latest news.  


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