Nuttby Mountain

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Nuttby Mountain
Highest point
Elevation 360 m (1,180 ft)
Coordinates 45°33′17.42″N 63°13′26.71″W / 45.5548389°N 63.2240861°W / 45.5548389; -63.2240861
Location Colchester County, Nova Scotia
Parent range Cobequid Mountains
Topo map NTS O11/E11
Easiest route drive/hike

Nuttby Mountain is a Canadian peak in the Cobequid Mountains and one of the highest elevation points on the mainland portion of Nova Scotia.

Located west of Route 311 north of Truro, the peak is accessible by vehicle using a gated road and is topped by telecommunication towers and a forest fire surveillance tower. A 45-megawatt wind farm was constructed on a 400-acre site on the mountain in 2010.[1]

View of nuttby Mountain from Highway 311, showing windturbines and communication towers

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