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Manhattanville forts[1]

Nutter's Battery was an 1814 earth-and-wood fortification near Harlem Meer in present-day Central Park in New York City. A 1905 history of the area says that it was on the line of Sixth Avenue (Lenox Avenue), between 109th and 110th Streets. Its name came from Valentine Nutter, who owned the surrounding property.[2]

According to maps and illustrations of the time, the Battery was a redoubt connected to Fort Fish, by earthworks along the Old Post Road. At the line of 107th Street and Sixth Avenue (Lenox Avenue), the earthworks led to a gatehouse in the road at McGowan's Pass. From there the earthworks continued up a rocky hill to Fort Clinton.[3]

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Coordinates: 40°47′53″N 73°57′07″W / 40.798°N 73.952°W / 40.798; -73.952