Nuuk Center

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Nuuk Center
Logo Nuuk Center.jpg
Nuuk Center is located in Nuuk
Nuuk Center
Location within Nuuk
Alternative names NC
General information
Status Complete
Type Shopping mall
Location Nuuk, Greenland
Coordinates 64°10′40″N 51°44′20″W / 64.17778°N 51.73889°W / 64.17778; -51.73889
Opening July 27, 2012
Inaugurated July 27, 2012
Technical details
Floor count 2
Floor area 25,000 sqm
Design and construction
Architecture firm KHR Arkitekter A/S[1]
Main contractor MT Hoejgaard[2]
Other information
Number of stores 20
Parking yes
Official website

Nuuk Center, also shortened NC, is a shopping mall located in Nuuk, Greenland. The mall, which is the first shopping mall in Greenland, was inaugurated on July 27, 2012. Located next door to the Katuaq Culture Centre, the mall is focused on offering services to a broad spectrum of customers.

Mall contents[edit]

The mall building houses several local stores as well as their ancillary subsidiaries and sublets, such as cafes and shops. It also contains Greenland's first underground car park. [3]

Level One[4][edit]

Level Two[5][edit]

  • Nice
  • ONLY
  • MDC Data
  • Accessories
  • Sweet Home Botex
  • N<xt Generation
  • Salon Mariia
  • Pisattat
  • Elgiganten

Reception and criticism[edit]

Nuuk Center is welcomed by the local businesses, headed by Nuuk Centre Association, and is generally seen as a vehicle for strengthening the presence of local enterprises.[6] By having a centrally placed mall, local businesses can better compete with multinationals. The mall is also seen as an employment opportunity for many.

The mall has not received an uncritical welcome, however. While some express concerns the mall will change both the dynamics and the esthetics of the city,[6] others have seen the mall as a threat to the traditional trading customs.[7] Members of the older generation perceive Nuuk as becoming "too European" by the integration and inclusion of what they see as essentially foreign institutions.


The planning and construction of the mall started in 2005, headed by the Nuuk Centre Association.[8] The works were carried out by MT Højgaard.[9]

The mall offers its customers the services of the first indoor, underground parking hall built in the country's capital.

Coordinates: 64°10′40.8″N 51°44′20.7″W / 64.178000°N 51.739083°W / 64.178000; -51.739083


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