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Nuup Busii A/S
Industry Transport
Founded 1980
Headquarters Nuuk, Greenland
Area served
Nuuk, Greenland
Products Public transport
Number of employees

Nuup Bussii A/S is a bus company in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, providing public transport services for the city. As of 2014 Nuup Bussii has 31 employees,[1] operating 16 buses with a distinct yellow color, as well as five other small vehicles.[1]


The characteristic yellow bus of Nuup Bussii, on the way from the town centrum to the Nuussuaq diistrict of Nuuk.

Prior to the establishment of public services, the ground transport in the city was operated by private entrepreneurs.[2] The volatility and alleged unreliability of the services prompted the former Nuuk Municipality to regulate the traffic, and establish a public transportation company, overseen by the municipal authorities.[2] Nuup Bussii was then founded on 26 September 1980.[1][2] In 2012 the buses transported more than 2 million passengers around the city of Nuuk.[1] Since 2009 Nuup Bussii provides city transport services in Nuuk for the new Sermersooq municipality,[3] linking the town centre with the outlying districts and neighborhoods[4] of Nuussuaq, Qinngorput, as well as Qernertunnguit in Quassussuup Tungaa.[5]



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