Nuytsland Nature Reserve

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Nuytsland Nature Reserve
Western Australia
Toolina Cove 1 Nuytsland NR IX-2010.jpg
The Great Australian Bight at Toolina Cove, Nuytsland Nature Reserve, 2010
Nuytsland Nature Reserve is located in Western Australia
Nuytsland Nature Reserve
Nuytsland Nature Reserve
Nearest town or city Esperance
Coordinates 32°18′0″S 125°52′0″E / 32.30000°S 125.86667°E / -32.30000; 125.86667Coordinates: 32°18′0″S 125°52′0″E / 32.30000°S 125.86667°E / -32.30000; 125.86667
Area 6,253.44 km2 (2,414.5 sq mi)
Managing authorities Department of Parks and Wildlife (Western Australia)
See also List of protected areas of
Western Australia

Nuytsland Nature Reserve is a protected area of Western Australia in the far south-eastern part of the state, on the south coast.

Nominally located at 32° 18' S 125° 52' E, it has an area of 6,253.44 km², and takes in over 500 kilometres of coastline from Cape Pasley to Red Rocks Point.[1]

It was gazetted in 1969. Significant features include Twilight Cove and the Eyre Bird Observatory.[2][3] It lies within the Nuyts cadastral division of the state.

The reserve has been surveyed for the western ground parrot.[4]


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