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Nvidia DGX-1 is a line of Nvidia produced servers and workstations which specialize in using GPGPU to accelerate deep learning applications. The servers feature 8 GPUs based on the Pascal or Volta daughter cards[1] with HBM 2 memory, connected by an NVLink mesh network.[2]

The product line is intended to bridge the gap between GPUs and AI accelerators in that the device has specific features specializing it for deep learning workloads.[3] The initial Pascal based DGX-1 delivered 170 teraflops of half precision processing,[4] while the Volta-based upgrade increased this to 960 teraflops.[5]


The successor of the Nvidia DGX-1 is the Nvidia DGX-2. Featuring higher performance of up to 2 Petaflops and new technologies such as NVSwitch.


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