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Ny Tid
TypeMonthly Newspaper
Owner(s)Truls Lie, Trygve NAtvg, Erling Bonnevie Hjort, Ivar Evensmo, etc
EditorTruls Lie
Political alignmentAnarchist or Political left
HeadquartersOslo, Norway

Ny Tid (English: Modern Times Review) is Norway's largest (broadsheet) monthly international oriented newspaper, published every month. It is currently owned by Ny Tid & Orientering AS.

Ny Tid is headed by the newspaper founder Truls Lie who was formerly the editor-in-chief of Morgenbladet and editor-in-chief/publisher of Le Monde diplomatique in Norway


Political Past[edit]

Ny Tid's predecessor was the weekly Orientering, which was founded as an independent weekly in January 1953.

The magazine gained notability thanks to the quality, reputation, and success of its writers including Sigurd Evensmo (the first editor-in-chief), Jens Bjørneboe, and Johan Borgen. Evensmo was a member of the Student's Communist Organisation and had been active in the resistance against the Nazis in Norway; Bjørneboe was a self-described anarcho-nihilist who was at the center of literary life in Norway; and Borgen was an author sent to prison by the Nazis for his writings.

In 1975 Orientering was included in the new Ny Tid. From 1975 until 1998 Ny Tid was owned by the Socialist Left Party (SV).

On 24 January 2006 the publishing house Damm, a part of Egmont, bought 100 percent of Ny Tid. On 27 January 2006 Ny Tid was relaunched as Norway's first news magazine. In January 2008 the magazine was transferred to a new media group, Monitor Medier, which at the same time also purchased the monthly Le Monde Diplomatique.

Voices Without Borders[edit]

Every week an exclusive column is printed, in which writers from free speech-challenged countries are invited to comment and outline. These columnists are: Parvin Ardalan, Nawal El Saadawi, Irshad Manji, Elena Milashina, Katiuska Natera, Martha Roque, Blessing Musariri, Tsering Woeser, Orzala Ashraf Nemat and Natalia Novozhilova. The columns are mostly written in English. The project is called "Voices Without Borders" and is a project in memory of Anna Politkovskaja, who was a Ny Tid columnist from 10 February to 7 October 2006.[1]

Content and Style[edit]

Since the relaunch in January 2006, the independent magazine, regularly prints exclusive columns by writers like Noreena Hertz (Great Britain), Irshad Manji (Canada), Anna Funder (Australia), Shah Muhammad Rais (Afghanistan), Saskia Sassen (USA), Natalia Novozhilova, and Anna Politkovskaya (Russia), the independent journalist assassinated after a series of articles she published about corruption and the KGB under the Putin presidency.

The magazine has a global outlook with most of its articles focusing on current events across the globe. It is published in Norwegian for its print edition and in both English and Norwegian for its online edition. It covers politics, culture, environmental issues, and international affairs. The current editor is Dag Herbjørnsrud. The editorial staff is based in Oslo, while the correspondents are situated in five continents.

In 2015 Ny Tid was changed to a monthly broadsheet newspaper summer 2015, and also included in the distribution of the daily newspaper Klassekampen making it available to more readers. The main focus is peace&war, migration, climate, new media, and international documentary films and non-fiction books.



Ny Tid: Circulation 1979 - 2013.

As a newspaper:

  • 1979: 16267
  • 1980: 15117
  • 1981: 15662
  • 1982: 15474
  • 1983: 14722
  • 1984: 14945
  • 1985: 13482
  • 1986: 12659
  • 1987: 10877
  • 1988: 9803
  • 1989: 9071
  • 1990: 8021
  • 1991: 8212
  • 1992: 8155
  • 1993: -
  • 1994: 6950
  • 1995: 5704
  • 1996: 5593
  • 1997: 4722
  • 1998: 4772
  • 1999: 4095
  • 2000: 3939
  • 2001: 4599
  • 2002: 4834
  • 2003: 4519
  • 2004: 4199
  • 2005: 4320

As a magazine:


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