Nyakyusa language

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Native to Tanzania, Malawi
Ethnicity Nyakyusa
Native speakers
800,000 in Tanzania (2006)
300,000 in Malawi (1993)[1]
(including Sukwa)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 nyy
Glottolog nyak1260[2]
Linguasphere 99-AUS-v incl. inner units & varieties 99-AUS-va...-vd

Nyakyusa, or Nyakyusa-Ngonde, is a Bantu language of Tanzania and Malawi spoken by the Nyakyusa people around the northern end of Lake Malawi. There is no single name for the language as a whole; dialects are Nyakyusa, Ngonde (Konde), and Sukwa of Tanzania and Malawi, plus Kukwe, Mwamba (Lungulu), and Selya (Salya, Seria) of Tanzania. Disregarding the Bantu language prefixes Iki- and Ki-, the language is also known as Konde ~ Nkhonde, Mombe, Nyekyosa ~ Nyikyusa, and Sochile ~ Sokili.

Sukwa is often listed as another dialect, but according to Nurse (1988) and Fourshey (2002) it is a dialect of Lambya.


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