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Nyalas (Malacca).JPG
Nyalas is located in Peninsular Malaysia
Location in the Peninsula Malaysia
Coordinates: 2°26′N 102°28′E / 2.433°N 102.467°E / 2.433; 102.467Coordinates: 2°26′N 102°28′E / 2.433°N 102.467°E / 2.433; 102.467
Country  Malaysia
Time zone MST (UTC+8)
 • Summer (DST) Not observed (UTC)

Nyalas is a small mukim in Jasin District, Malacca, Malaysia.[1] It is located in the northeastern corner of Melaka, bordering the Tampin District in Negeri Sembilan.


According to the stories of elders, Nyalas was established by Tuk Gubah and Pawang Landas around 1700-1750. Tuk Gubah or real name is Abu Kassim, originated from Pagar Ruyung, Negeri Minang, Sumatera Barat. With his families, Tuk Gubah arrived in Nyalas to create a new settlement. At that time Nyalas was still jungle with many tall palm tree called pokok palas. The problem arose after the palm trees were cut down, it will grow back.[clarification needed] The problem was brought Tuk Gubah to Pawang Landas or real name is Sapian. With Pawang Landas help, the palm tree were not grow back.[clarification needed] Tuk Gubah name was immortalized with a village name Kampung Gubah, few kilometers east from pekan Nyalas.[2]

Nyalas initially consisted of several villages like Kampung Gubah, Kampung Masjid Baru, Kampung Abbey, Kampung Pondok Batang, Kampung Gapis, Kampung Mantai and Kampung Melangkan. Now existed with few new housing area like Taman Nyalas Baru, Taman Seri Nyalas and Taman Nyalas Permai.[3]


Nyalas is connected by road to various towns. Air Kuning is about 5 km north, and can be accessed by the State Road M15; the M15 leads to Jasin Town about 35 km away. Along this route, Simpang Bekoh and Asahan town can be found. Selandar is located southwest of Nyalas about 11 km away, and is connected by the state road M8. To the south of Nyalas via route M167, is the Federal Land Settlement area of Felda Tun Ghaffar Bukit Senggeh, where rubber and palm oil plantations provide the economic drive for settlers.

Nyalas is separated from Kampung Bukit Senggeh by a hill range consisting of Bukit Batu Lebah, Batu Hampar hill and Bukit Batu Tiga. Nyalas Town faces Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir) and, because it is located on flat land, it offers panoramic views of the hills that are considered especially beautiful in the misty conditions of the early morning.

A new road connecting Nyalas through Felda Tun Ghaffar Bukit Senggeh to Jasin town is completed. Phase one linking Felda Bukit Senggeh to the Simpang Bekoh- Selandar road is ready for use. The second phase leading to Jasin was completed in 2009, the travel time taken from Nyalas to Jasin town will be greatly reduced to about half an hour from currently about an hour.[citation needed] The road at the Felda Tun Ghaffar Bukit Senggeh has been straightened and widened, and will open many opportunities in the agricultural, farming and tourism sector.[citation needed] State Government is providing the infrastructure need to attract investors. Unlike the district of Selandar where major industries are prohibited due to its provision as the water catchment area, Nyalas is free from this restriction. Felda Tun Ghaffar Bukit Senggeh, Nyalas and further north area such as Air Kuning can benefit the for this new road connection.[clarification needed]

The power grid line between Merlimau-Jasin-Simpang Bekoh-Selandar-Machap-Alor Gajah will provide energy requirement for the medium and big industries to be established between this corridor.


The economic drive for Nyalas is agricultural products and commodities, such as pomelo, rubber and palm oil. Quarry was operated long time ago in kampung mantai was stopped after complaints were made by local people.[4] A sand mining also stopped for safety issue in kampung Bukit Senggeh.[5]

Environmental issue[edit]

Nyalas faces a number of environmental issues such as illegal deforestation, mud floods and noise pollution. The local authority takes action on issues reported, even it impacts on the local economy.[6][7][8][9]

Tourist attractions[edit]

Chabau is the Melaka eastern sub-district that borders Nyalas. Here, Asahan waterfall is used for recreation. The waterfall is supplied by water from Gunung Ledang, which features, on the other side, the famous air terjun (waterfall) Sagil, Tangkak. Pomelo can be purchase in kampung Gapis few kilometer west from Pekan Nyalas.Template:Clartify[citation needed]

Nyalas was famous to local folk with pasar malam on every Friday. Located on center of Pekan Nyalas itself,on road heading to Felda Tun Ghafar Bukit Senggeh. Opened from 4:00pm to 9:00pm. A lot of local food was sell.[10][11]

An Army training camp (armoured division) is located near Asahan. The need for security there prevents jungle trekking and camping in the vicinity.

Notable people[edit]

People who were born in, residents of, or otherwise closely associated with Nyalas include:

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