Nyanga River

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Coordinates: 2°58.0′S 10°15′E / 2.9667°S 10.250°E / -2.9667; 10.250

Nyanga River basin

The Nyanga River, 600 km, is a river that runs through southern Gabon and northern Republic of the Congo. It is the second most important river in Gabon after the Ogooue. It is well-known for the numerous rapids that break up its otherwise smooth course.[1]


It rises on the border between the two countries, near the juncture of N'Gounié and Ogooué-Lolo provinces of Gabon, runs south along the border and then southwest through the Niari province of Congo, then enters the Nyanga province of Gabon and makes a sharp bend to the northwest. It passes through Nyanga's capital Tchibanga (the largest city on the river), then gradually bends around to the southwest again, running through a series of rapids before coming out onto a coastal plain and emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.



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