Nyanga River

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Coordinates: 2°58.0′S 10°15′E / 2.9667°S 10.250°E / -2.9667; 10.250 The Nyanga River, 600 km, is a river that runs through southern Gabon and northern Republic of the Congo. It is the second most important river in Gabon after the Ogooue.


It rises on the border between the two countries, near the juncture of N'Gounié and Ogooué-Lolo provinces of Gabon, runs south along the border and then southwest through the Niari province of Congo, then enters the Nyanga province of Gabon and makes a sharp bend to the northwest. It passes through Nyanga's capital Tchibanga (the largest city on the river), then gradually bends around to the southwest again, running through a series of rapids before coming out onto a coastal plain and emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.



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