Nyatike Constituency

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Nyatike is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of eight constituencies of Migori County. There are eleven wards in the constituency, all electing councillors to the Migori County council. The constituency was established for the 1988 elections.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Elections MP [1] Party Notes
1988 Tobias Orao Ochola Ogur KANU One-party system.
1992 Tobias Orao Ochola Ogur Ford-Kenya
1997 Tom Onyango NDP
2002 Tobias Orao Ochola Ogur NARC
2007 Peter Edick Omondi Anyanga ODM


Ward Registered Voters
East Kadem 2,372
Got Kachola 4,370
Kachieng' 6,162
Kaler 2,991
Kanyarwanda 3,154
Kanyasa 4,178
Macalder 3,685
Muhuru East 2,382
Muhuru West 3,701
Ndiwa 4,376
Nyakwere 4,762
Total 42,133
*September 2005.[2]