Nyctemera coleta

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White tiger moth
Nyctemera coleta at Kadavoor.jpg
Nyctemera coleta in Kerala, India
Nyctemera coleta of Kadavoor.jpg
On flower with wings open
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Superfamily: Noctuoidea
Family: Erebidae
Genus: Nyctemera
Species: N. coleta
Binomial name
Nyctemera coleta
(Stoll, 1782)
  • Phalaena coleta Stoll, 1782
  • Nyctemera nigrovenosa Moore, 1879

Nyctemera coleta, commonly known as the White tiger moth, is a species of moth found from India to the Philippines, and from Japan to Papua New Guinea. It is classified under the subgenus Coleta of the genus Nyctemera in the family Arctiidae. It contains four subspecies:[1]


Male with a large tuft of hair arising from the base of tibia of fore leg. Differs from Nyctemera tripunctaria in the lower three spots of the post-medial band of fore wing being separated and having another spot below them towards outer angle. Cilia white below the apex and at outer angle. Hind wing with the cilia white below the apex, and in most specimens at anal angle. The Sri Lankan subspecies has black veins 3 and 4 of hind wing and the spots of the postmedial band of fore wing are smaller than other subspecies.

Larva hairy and purplish. Anterior somites yellowish. Each somite is black and marked with short dorsal and lateral white streaks. Pupa yellowish and spotted with black.[2]


  • Nyctemera coleta coleta (Malacca, Singapore, Sumatra, Java)
  • Nyctemera coleta melaneura (Butler, 1883) (Nias)
  • Nyctemera coleta melas Röber, 1891 (Seram, Bangai, Moluccas)
  • Nyctemera coleta nigrovenosa Moore, 1879 (Sri Lanka)


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