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Torgbygget shoppingmall with Radisson BLU behind it.

Nydalen is a neighbourhood in the Nordre Aker borough in northern Oslo, Norway.


Nydalen industrial park
New apartment blocks at the redeveloped banks of Akerselva

Since the late 19th century Nydalen has been a largely industrial area. Beginning in the 1990s, it gradually transformed into a mix of "lighter" service industries and residential areas.

BI Norwegian Business School Nydalen Campus

The relocation of the Norwegian School of Management (BI) to the area in 2004 also boosted the area's development. In 2003, a new subway station, Nydalen (station) opened in Nydalen. Many people have moved into new residential buildings in the late 2000s.


The neighbourhood is located on both sides of the Akerselva river in the southeastern part of Nordre Aker, to the south of Kjelsås, to the west of Grefsen, and to the north of the Sagene borough.

The name[edit]

Nydalen is a shortened form for *Nygårdsdalen 'the dale/valley belonging to the farm Nygård'. The name of the old farm Nygård (Norse Nýgarðr) is a compound of nýr 'new' and garðr m 'farm'. The farm is first mentioned in 1578.[citation needed]

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