Nyigina language

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Region Lower Fitzroy River, Western Australia
Ethnicity Nyigina
Native speakers
20 (2005) to 68 (2006 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 nyh
Glottolog nyig1240[2]

Nyikina (also Nyigina, Njigina) is an Australian Aboriginal language of Western Australia, spoken by the Nyigina people.

Warrwa may have been a dialect.


R. M. W. Dixon (2002) regards Nyikina, Warrwa, Yawuru and Jukun as a single language.

Nyikina is placed in the Nyulnyulan family of non-Pama–Nyungan languages.

Map of the traditional lands of Australian Aboriginal tribes around Derby, Western Australia.[3]

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