Nyland and Tavastehus County Cavalry Regiment

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Nyland and Tavastehus County Cavalry Regiment
Nylands och Tavastehus läns kavalleriregemente
Country Sweden
BranchSwedish Army
Typecavalry regiment
EngagementsFirst battle of Breitenfeld, Siege of Nuremberg, Battle of Lützen (1632), Battle of Wittstock, Second battle of Breitenfeld
Torsten Stålhandske

The Nyland and Tavastehus County Cavalry Regiment (Swedish: Nylands och Tavastehus läns kavalleriregemente) was a Swedish Army cavalry regiment located in the county of Nyland and Tavastehus that traced its origins back to the 17th Century. It was split in 1791.


The regiment has its origin in the Nyland cavalry (Swedish: Nylands ryttare) raised in 1618. In 1632, this unit was organized into a cavalry regiment. The regiment's soldiers were conscripted mainly from the county of Nyland and Tavastehus. It was one of the original eight Swedish cavalry regiments mentioned in the Swedish constitution of 1634. The regiment's first commander was Torsten Stålhandske. Finnish horsemen were also known as "Hakkapeliitat".

In the spring of 1700 the regiment was transferred to General Wellingk's army corps in Swedish Livonia. From 1702 on, the regiment, with six of its eight companies, had joined the main army. In 1705–1706 it was part of Carl Gustaf Rehnskiöld's corps. After the Battle of Poltava in 1709, the regiment was present at the capitulation in Perevolochna. The regiment had to be completely reraised. It was then stationed with the army in Finland. The regiment was part of General Armfeldt's army of 7,500 men which invaded Norway through Jämtland in August 1718.

The cavalry regiment was reorganized into Nyland and Tavastehus dragoon regiment in 1721. In 1791, the regiment was converted to infantry. The northern battalion was incorporated into Tavastehus county infantry regiment as its third battalion, while the southern battalion was incorporated into Nyland Infantry Regiment.




  • Södra bataljonen
    • Livskvadronen
    • Majorens (Borgå) skvadron
    • Helsing skvadron
    • Raseborgs skvadron
  • Norra bataljonen
    • Överstelöjtnantens skvadron
    • Nedre Hållola Skvadron
    • Övre Hållola Skvadron
    • Säxmäki Skvadron


Nylands ryttare Nyland's horsemen 1618 1632
Nylands och Tavastehus läns kavalleriregemente Nyland and Tavastehus County Cavalry Regiment 1632 1721
Nylands och Tavastehus dragonregemente Nyland and Tavastehus Dragoon Regiment 1721 1791
Training grounds and garrison towns
Poltinaho, Hämeenlinna 1791

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