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Nylas N1
Written inElectron (software framework) (C++, JavaScript, etc.), React (JavaScript library)
Operating systemWindows, Linux and OS X
Websitenylas.com/nylas-mail/ Edit this on Wikidata

Nylas Mail is an open-source desktop email client by Nylas, known for its emphasis on user-contributed extensions. It was formerly known as Nylas N1 and was rebranded as Nylas Mail starting with the January 17, 2017 release.[1]

Nylas discontinued Nylas Mail, ceased further development, and made the code available under the MIT License on September 6, 2017.[2] One of the lead developers has continued development of the software on a fork named Mailspring.[3]


Nylas Mail is compatible with multiple Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, and IMAP accounts, and is cross-platform on Linux, OS X, and Windows. The application accommodates user-written plugins. It has several layout styles in single or double panels, and has fullscreen and offline modes.[4] By default, its mail sync functions are processed in a cloud owned by Nylas, the company responsible for the project.[5] N1 added a unified inbox in February 2016[6] and PGP encryption support in June 2016.[7]


At the beginning of 2016, Macworld wrote that the software looked promising and had a better chance of enduring longer than past software—such as Sparrow and Mailbox—due to its open source license.[8] The Next Web highly praised N1's extensions features and wrote that it could become for email what Google Chrome is to web browsing.[9] N1 was the third most popular email desktop client among AppleInsider readers as of January 2016.[10]

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