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New Nymgo Logo.png
Developer(s) Splendor Telecom UK Ltd
Initial release April 2012 (2012-04)
Written in C++ with Qt
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Voice over Internet Protocol, SMS
License Freeware, some paid features
Website www.nymgo.com

Nymgo (pronounced \ˈnim-ˌgo\) is a software application that makes calls from computers to landlines and mobile phones over the Internet through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Nymgo charges users for each minute of a call from credits that users have purchased through the application.

Nymgo's voice business model is unique in that it has a 100% paying customer base for its voice-only calling services, thus making it a type of competitor with other VoIP services such as Skype, Fring and Nimbuzz. However, its stated objective is to fill an under-represented niche. “Skype offers high quality but expensive services through SkypeOut, and others over low quality at affordable prices, but we fit the space in between”, explains Omar Onsi, CEO and Founder of Nymgo, of its ongoing competitive marketing strategy.[1]

A subsidiary of UK-based Splendor Telecom, Nymgo launched in December 2008 as a SIP-enabled, international voice termination provider from fixed devices.

Omar Onsi noted in October 2010 that "since 2008, Nymgo has had 2 million downloads and all customers are paying. Last year 400 billion minutes were terminated all around the world. Nygmo [sic] goes after all international minutes and not just one group. We target ex-pat communities, travelers and others. End users are the biggest user group for us." [2]

In October 2010, Intel Capital announced that Nymgo would be one of the three companies receiving a Series A investment round from its $50 million start-up fund.[3]

SMB Funding and Product Relaunch[edit]

In 2011, Nymgo received announced a joint investment from Intel Capital and Abraaj Capital for an undisclosed sum. Nymgo has since revamped its networking infrastructure to improve its core voice-only calling business model and has begun the process of rebranding its client apps and website user experience all the while preparing to rollout out native smartphone applications for the iPhone and Android OS in early 2012.[4]


  • Nymgo has built proprietary solutions intended to minimize call quality loss from typical VoIP network issues, which is seen as one way to improve upon SIP technology that is geared to optimize quality voice calling.[5]
  • Users can send SMS messages from any Nymgo client application.[5]
  • Nymgo gives a Caller ID feature, through which customers can customize their own numbers.[5]

Applications and Devices[edit]

Nymgo is available on Windows platforms from [Windows XP] to Windows 7. Nymgo can be used on mobile devices such as Linksys PAP2, Nokia E Series, Nokia N Series, Siemens Gigaset, Asterisk, Fring, Nimbuzz, X-Lite and Android with Session Initiated Protocol technology.


Nymgo's practice of aggressively slashing PC-to-Phone calling rates is central to its corporate image, with its rates often being less than half the price offered by Skype.[6]

Most notably, Nymgo slashed rates in half to countries with teams participating in the 2010 World Cup.[7]

Nymgo can adjust its pricing according to volume of call traffic to different destinations, with higher traffic translating into reduced prices.[8]

Customer Service[edit]

When a customer encounters poor audio quality, Nymgo will test the line and refund the first two minutes of the call if the test reveals a network error.[9]

Nymgo users periodically complain of dealing with unnecessary obstacles in buying credit (verification procedures, red tape) in certain countries.[9]


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