Nymindegab Museum

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Nymindegab Museum
From the exhibit at Nymindegab Museum

Nymindegab Museum is a local history and art museum located in Nymindegab in Varde Municipality, Denmark.

The museum contains an archeological collection with finds from the excavation at Lønne including textile remnants and burial gifts. From Viking times one can find, amongst other things, posts from a bridge in Nybro from the year 761. From more recent times there are exhibitions on navigation, fishing, wrecks and rescuing, and from the very latest times, tourism on the west coast. The museum also includes Carpenter Larsen's house, a dwelling from the 1930s, where one can see a reconstruction of a buried vegetable garden. In earlier times one dug a large hole in the vegetable garden, which then was partially filled up with humic mulch. In this way the crop yield was sheltered, and the mulch was not blown away. In addition, the museum is about to restore an antique sawmill.

The museum's art collection includes a wide range of images from local artists and artist associated with the region; for example, Johannes Larsen, Carl Trier Aagaard, Laurits Tuxen and Christen Lyngbo.

Finally, the museum includes The Whale House with the skeleton of a nearly 12 meter long sperm whale that was stranded by Nymindegab in 1990.

Coordinates: 55°49′01″N 8°11′51″E / 55.8170°N 8.1974°E / 55.8170; 8.1974