Nymphaeum (Amman)

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The Nymphaeum in Downtown Amman
The Nymphaeum in a different light

The Nymphaeum is a partially preserved Roman public fountain in Amman, Jordan. It is located a short distance from the Hashemite Plaza, the Roman Theater and the Odeon, at the crossing of Ibn al-Atheer and Quraysh streets in al-Balad. Such fountains were very popular in Roman cities, and Philadelphia, as Amman was known by ancient Greeks and Romans, was no exception.[1] This nymphaeum is believed to have contained a 600 square meters pool which was three meters deep and was continuously refilled with water.[2]


The nymphaeum was built in the 2nd century CE, during the same period as the nearby theatre and odeon.


In September 2015, archaeology students from the University of Jordan, Petra University and the Hashemite University as well as professional technicians, funded by the U.S embassy, started restoring the site. Their work consists in cleaning the structure stone by stone, and in replacing portions of stone lost due to erosion, cracking and flaking.[3]


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Coordinates: 31°57′01″N 35°56′10″E / 31.9503324°N 35.9361693°E / 31.9503324; 35.9361693