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Coordinates: 35°26′41.02″N 140°15′0.33″E / 35.4447278°N 140.2500917°E / 35.4447278; 140.2500917

Nyorinji Hondo.jpg
Basic information
Location 624 Kōzeki, Mobara, Chiba Prefecture
Affiliation Nichiren Buddhism
Country Japan
Website http://www1.ocn.ne.jp/~nyoirin/index.html
Completed ca. 1000

Nyoirin-ji (如意輪寺) is a Buddhist temple located in the city of Mobara in Chiba Prefecture. Nyoirin-ji is a Nichiren Buddhist temple noted for its ancient ginkgo tree. The temple is also near the remains of the Tonoyatsu Castle.


Nyoirin-ji was built approximately 1,000 years ago by a Shingon Buddhist priest. In 1470 the temple was transferred to the Kempon Hokke-shū sect of Nichiren Buddhism by Sadataka Sakai (1435 - 15220) of the Sakai clan, castle lord of nearby Kazusa Castle.[1] The hondō of Nyoirin-ji was constructed in 1711 after the previous structure was destroyed by fire.


Nyoirin-ji is located in the Kōzeki District of Mobara. It is accessible by bus from Mobara Station on the JR East Sotobō Line.

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