Nyong River

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Nyong River

The Nyong is a river in Cameroon. The river flows approximately 640 kilometres (400 mi) to empty into the Gulf of Guinea.

The Nyong (formerly German: Yong) originates 40 km (25 mi) east of Abong Mbang, where the northern rain forest feeds it. The river's length is almost parallel to the lower reaches of the Sanaga River. Its mouth is in Petit Batanga, 60 km (40 mi) south-southwest of Edéa. In two places, Mbalmayo and Déhané, the river has huge rapids. The first 300 km (200 mi) of the river, between Abong Mbang and Mbalmayo, are navigable for small boats from April to November.


The town of Mbalmayo, which has a railhead, lies on the north bank of this river.[citation needed] The towns of Akonolinga and Abong-Mbang also lie on it.