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Nysa may refer to:

Greek Mythology[edit]

  • Nysa (mythology) or Nyseion, the mountainous region (various traditional locations), where nymphs raised the young god Dionysus
  • Nysiads, nymphs of Mount Nysa who cared for and taught the infant Dionysus

Historical people[edit]

Places and jurisdictions[edit]

Towns in Turkey[edit]

  • Nysa on the Maeander, an ancient city and bishopric in Asia Minor (Anatolia), whose remains are in the Sultanhisar district of Aydın Province, restored as Latin Titular bishopric Nisa in 1933
  • Nysa (Caria), an ancient Hellenistic city founded by Antiochus I Soter
  • Nisa (Lycia), an ancient city in Lycia

Towns Elsewhere[edit]


  • Nysa Łużycka or Lusatian Neisse, a river in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany, flowing to Oder River near the towns of Guben and Gubin
  • Nysa Kłodzka, a river in Poland, a tributary of the Oder (Odra)
  • Nysa Szalona, a tributary of the Kaczawa in Poland

Other uses[edit]

  • 44 Nysa, an Asteroid
  • NKS Nysa, a men's volleyball team playing in Polish Volleyball League
  • ZSD Nysa, an Automobile produced in Nysa, Poland from the 1950s to the early 1990s
  • Neisse University, a university in the border triangle of Czech Republic, Poland and Germany

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