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Nyzzy Nyce
Nyzzy Nyce at DOPE on Fairfax.png
Background information
Birth name DeAngelo Samuel
Born (1988-01-04) January 4, 1988 (age 29)
Fort Wayne, Indiana, US
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2007–present
Labels Hurricane Music Group
Associated acts Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka Flame
Website www.itsnyzzy.com

DeAngelo Samuel, (born January 4, 1988) better known by his stage name Nyzzy Nyce (aka Nyzzy), is an American rapper from Fort Wayne, Indiana. In his career, Nyzzy has released the mixtape Nothing Nyce which spawned a successful independent string of momentum including national blog coverage,[1] broadcast and licensing.[2][3] In 2015, he will release several mixtapes including the anticipated Lost in LA and EP entitled Lost in Paris.[4]

Early life[edit]

DeAngelo Samuel was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He attended Memorial Middle School. He attended Snider High School and started a record label called Certiflyyed Entertainment Group which was featured[5] on BET’s 106 & Park. His record label is now called Hurricane Music Group and is distributed via 3D Distribution.


His career began at a young age where Nyzzy began to dabble in the art of rapping and developed a passion for “Rap Battling” that quickly created buzz around the city. In 2007 Nyzzy began to turn his passion into a career and created a label called the CertiFLYYed Entertainment Group. The label spent several years building a local fan based before releasing music videos that expanded their fan base to a national level and garnered over 200,000 views. Shortly after, the Nyzzy found himself on 106 and Park[6][7] and Blaze the Stage[8] acquiring an even broader following. His record label is now called Hurricane Music Group and is distributed via 3D Distribution.

Nyzzy is also noted as the lead songwriter and artist[9] on one of the largest community driven and collaborative Hip Hop[10] based music projects in the world called HipHop4theCity.[11] The song “My City (Local)” was the result of this project which received over 240,000 views in a market population of 250,000 as well as national recognition and press. Nyzzy then took the project one step further with a national version of the song entitled “My City (National)”[12][12] which appeared on the front page of VEVO upon its release.

Nyzzy Nyce made his VEVO debut [13] landing him a worldwide exclusive on the homepage of the website for his video and single "I Just Rather". The song received positive reviews within the urban blog network such as VLAD TV,[14] SOHH,[15] B RealTV,[16] and many more. His debut mixtape entitled Nothing Nyce and several video releases led to a string of momentum including national blog coverage, broadcast and licensing with the likes of the NFL, MBL, American Horror story on FX Network (The Axeman Cometh (American Horror Story)), and numerous feature films.[17]

Nyzzy's song "Brand New" was featured on an episode of the BET show Being Mary Jane accompanied by a network feature entitled "10 Things you Should Know about Nyzzy Nyce" [18]

Album / Mixtapes[edit]

Nothing Nyce[edit]

Nyzzy released his debut mixtape in 2014 entitled Nothing Nyce, which spawned a successful independent string of momentum including national blog coverage, broadcast and licensing.[19][20]

Lost in LA[edit]

Nyzzy released his second mixtape in July 2015 entitled Lost in Los Angeles.[21]

Lost in Paris[edit]

It's rumored that Nyzzy's debut EP will be entitled Lost in Paris after recording it in Paris, France. No release date has been announced but coverage can be found online documenting his time spent in Paris recording and touring for this project.[22][23]



In 2012, Alex Smith, Nyzzy's current manager facilitated a collaborative music project entitled “HipHop4theCity” (aka The MY CITY Project). Nyzzy wrote and recorded the chorus for the resulting song and music video. The project showcased the region's undiscovered talent while simultaneously bringing awareness to community involvement, the arts, and what young people are able to do for a community's civic pride when they collaborate and work together.[24] It also sparked a renewed sense of civic pride within the young population of Fort Wayne, Indiana that attracted the attention of national economic development publications,[25] blogs[26][27] and has also inspired other civic initiatives such as the annual MY CITY Summit.[28]

The MYCITY Movement[edit]

The MYCITY Movement is now an ongoing music based project aimed at convincing others to take pride in their community.[29] This project is built around a national version of the hit local song My City. The song is called My City (National)[12] and was released on Thanksgiving Day, 2012

A campaign is built around this project where people submit photo of themselves in their respective city. Eventually, a winner will be selected and receive the MYCITY prize package. The song is structured so that within the winning city a charity will receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the song forever. This has sparked a chain of events pertaining to economic development in Northeast Indiana such as The My City Summit[30] and the My City Pin.[31]

Citizen Wayne[edit]

Nyzzy was documented in a cinematic character study sponsored by the Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana called Citizen Wayne.[32] His episode[33] chronicled the song that has become a movement: My City. This project was filmed on location in Fort Wayne, Indiana on South Harrison Street, in Headwaters Park, the Old Fort, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Bridge.

Your Story Made Here[edit]

Nyzzy was featured on the Made Here story entitled: A Vibrant Heart.[34] Your Story Made Here[35] is a project put together by Vision 2020 to showcase the stories of individuals in the Northeast region of Indiana. The project’s goal is show portray the region as open and accessible.

Music Festivals[edit]


Nyzzy has performed at South by Southwest (SxSW) in 2013 and 2014. SxSW is among the world's largest music festivals and is hosted in Austin, TX.[36]



• 2016: "Lost in Paris" 2015: "Lettin Go"

  • 2013: "Nights Like This"
  • 2013: "Been Grindin"
  • 2014: "Live it Up"
  • 2014: "Get em Up"
  • 2014: "My City (National)"

2016: "Feel the Flavor"


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