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Broder is a surname.


Notable people with the surname Broder / Bröder include:

  • Andrei Broder, Research Fellow and Vice President of Emerging Search Technology for Yahoo!
  • Andrew Broder (1845–1918), Ontario farmer and merchant, member of the Canadian House of Commons from 1896 to 1911
  • Berl Broder (1817–1868), Ukrainian Jew and the most famous of the Broder singers
  • David S. Broder (1929–2011), Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, columnist for The Washington Post, and professor at the University of Maryland
  • Gavin Broder (born 1959), former chief Rabbi of Ireland
  • Henryk Broder (born 1946), German journalist, columnist for the daily newspaper Die Welt
  • Melissa Broder (born 1979), a poet and writer
  • Samuel Broder, co-developer of anti AIDS drugs and former Director of the National Cancer Institute


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