Ó Cobhthaigh

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Ó Cobhthaigh is a Gaelic-Irish surname. It is now generally Anglicised Coffey or Coffee.


Ó Cobhthaigh was the name of an Irish Brehon family from what is now County Westmeath and County Longford. There were at least three other families of the name, located in the regions of Limerick-Kerry, Down, west Cork, and Galway.


Dubhaltach Mac Fhirbhisigh preserved an Ó Cobhthaigh genealogy in Leabhar na nGenealach:

  • Genealach Uí Chobthaigh: Tadhg m. Cobthaig m. Balldair m. Niocoil m. Conchabhair m. Maghnusa m. Aeda m. Donnchuidh an Daingin m. Fearguil in Dúin m. Diarmada m. Conchabhair m. Mathghamna m. Conchabhair Cearmna m. Mec-Raith m. Domnuill m. Don[n]chuidh Moir m. Cobhthaigh finn, o ttaid Ui Chobthaigh (from whom are Uí Chobthaigh) m. Dunghalaigh m. Mec-Con m. Connadh Chilline m. Feargusa mc. Ailealla, p670;

A genealogy on pp.660-61 picks up from Fearghus mac Oilill: Fearghusa m. Ailealla m. Mec-Rithe m. Conaill Claoín m. Gearain m. Duach tracing the family back to Íoth mac Breogán.

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