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O'Reilly Open Source Convention
OSCON flag
OSCON flag
Status Active
Genre Open Source (mainly software)
Location(s) Portland, Oregon (exceptions)
Country USA
Inaugurated 1999
Organized by O'Reilly Media
Robin Hanson at OSCON 2007
Overview of OSCON 2009

The O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) is an annual convention for the discussion of free and open source software. It is organized by the publisher O'Reilly Media and is held each summer in the United States.


The first OSCON was held in 1999.[1] [2] The first Perl Conference took place in 1997.

Notable events
  • OSCON grew out of The Perl Conference, but the amount of Perl content has continued to decline year over year.
  • The OpenOffice.org open source project was announced at the 2000 conference in Monterey.[3]
  • The OpenStack open source project was launched at the 2010 conference.[4]
  • OSCON has been the host to Larry Wall's State of the Onion keynotes.


OSCON has many items of interest for the duration of the conference. Throughout the week in which it is hosted, there are various tutorials and presentations, most of which are conducted in meeting rooms. These topics are focused on the use and development of upcoming and current pieces of open source software, although there are usually a few topics regarding the open source community itself. In the past few years, main topics have been related to cloud computing, distributed computing, virtualization, minimizing downtime, big data, and information technology. Certain sessions are sponsored by companies and are therefore free for all attendees to take part in.

Outside of the sessions, OSCON usually also organizes various parties at which attendees may network and unwind. Many of these parties are sponsored, with some parties even being held at particular companies' facilities throughout the city.

Arguably, the biggest portion of OSCON is the OSCON expo, where vendors and other organizations show off their latest innovations, have smaller and shorter tutorials, give away keepsakes ("swag"), and talk to attendees about their products or any questions that attendees may have. Some companies that have had larger booths in the past few years include Linode, Rackspace, HP, Bluehost, and Microsoft.

Finally, tables are usually set outside of the meeting rooms, for attendees to relax and work at. A sponsored "hack zone" is also set up just outside the Expo Hall, where attendees may utilize fast networking, power strips, and chair-packed round tables to hack, socialize, and take a break. Through the main hallway, there is usually a large black box of sorts, upon which three surfaces are exposed. Affectionately known by attendees as "The Chalkboard", logos, slogans, names, ideas, and other marks are often scrawled onto by attendees using chalk provided in nearby cans.


2016 Austin, TX May 16-19, 2016
2015 Portland, OR July 20–24, 2015
2014 Portland, OR July 20–24, 2014
2013 Portland, OR July 22–26, 2013
2012 Portland, OR July 16–20, 2012
2011 Portland, OR July 25–29, 2011
2010 Portland, OR July 19–23, 2010
2009 San Jose, CA July 20–24, 2009
2008 Portland, OR July 21–25, 2008
2007 Portland, OR July 23–27, 2007
2006 Portland, OR July 24–28, 2006
2005 Portland, OR August 1–5, 2005
2004 Portland, OR July 26–30, 2004
2003 Portland, OR July 7–11, 2003
2002 San Diego, CA July 22–26, 2002
2001 San Diego, CA July 22–26, 2001
2000 Monterey, CA July 17–20, 2000[5]
1999 Monterey, CA August 21–24, 1999[1][2]

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