O'Connor Mine

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O'Connor Mine
O'Connor Mine is located in Ontario
O'Connor Mine
O'Connor Mine
Location in Ontario
Location Temagami
Province Ontario
Country Canada
Coordinates 47°02′27.77″N 79°49′51″W / 47.0410472°N 79.83083°W / 47.0410472; -79.83083Coordinates: 47°02′27.77″N 79°49′51″W / 47.0410472°N 79.83083°W / 47.0410472; -79.83083
Products Copper, sulfur/pyrite, nickel, gold, zinc

O'Connor Mine, also known as Milestone Mine, is an abandoned surface mine in Northeastern Ontario, Canada. It is located about 1 km (0.62 mi) southwest of the town of Temagami near the Northeast Arm of Lake Temagami in northern Strathcona Township. It is named after John O'Connor who first developed the mine site.

Development consisted of several small open pits and trenches.[1][2] The primary commodities mined at O'Connor was copper, sulfur/pyrite and nickel. Secondary commodities included gold and zinc.[3] A number of small lenses of massive pyrite with much disseminated material have been opened up along the foot-wall of a sheared diorite sill near the northeastern arm of Lake Temagami. Some of the mined material was shipped.[2]

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