O'Higgins, Chile

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This article is about the commune. For other uses, see O'Higgins (disambiguation).
Location of the O'Higgins commune in Aisén Region
Location of the O'Higgins commune in Aisén Region
Location in Chile
Location in Chile
Location in Chile
Coordinates: 48°28′S 72°34′W / 48.467°S 72.567°W / -48.467; -72.567Coordinates: 48°28′S 72°34′W / 48.467°S 72.567°W / -48.467; -72.567
Country Chile
Region Aisén
Province Capitán Prat
Seat Villa O'Higgins
Government[1] [2]
 • Type Municipality
 • Alcalde Roberto Guillermo Recabal Cárcamo (Ind)
 • Total 8,182.5 km2 (3,159.3 sq mi)
Elevation 269 m (883 ft)
Population (2012 Census)[3]
 • Total 540
 • Density 0.066/km2 (0.17/sq mi)
 • Urban 0
 • Rural 463
 • Men 277
 • Women 186
Time zone CLT [4] (UTC−04:00)
 • Summer (DST) CLST [5] (UTC−03:00)
Area code(s) 56 + 67
Website Municipality of O'Higgins

O'Higgins is a Chilean commune located around O'Higgins Lake in the south east of Aisén Region. The commune is administered by the municipality in Villa O'Higgins, the principal settlement.


According to the 2002 census of the National Statistics Institute, O'Higgins spans an area of 8,182.5 km2 (3,159 sq mi) and has 463 inhabitants (277 men and 186 women), making the commune an entirely rural area. The population grew by 37.4% (126 persons) between the 1992 and 2002 censuses.[3]


As a commune, O'Higgins is a third-level administrative division of Chile administered by a municipal council, headed by an alcalde who is directly elected every four years. The 2008-2012 alcalde is José Fica Gómez (PDC).[1][2]

Within the electoral divisions of Chile, O'Higgins is represented in the Chamber of Deputies by René Alinco (PDC) and David Sandoval (UDI) as part of the 59th electoral district, which includes the entire Aisén Region. The commune is represented in the Senate by Antonio Horvath Kiss (RN) and Patricio Walker Prieto (PDC) as part of the 18th senatorial constituency (Aisén Region).


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