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O, Vrba is a key Slovene pre-war documentary film.[1] It was commissioned by the Educational Union (Slovene: Prosvetna zveza), directed by Mario Förster (sl) and produced in 1941 under the auspice of the company Emona Film.[2] Its first internal premiere took place in the beginning of 1942.[3] Due to the cultural silence imposed in the Slovene Lands during World War II, it was released only in 1945 by the State Film Company.[2] It is a short black and white film that shows the Prešeren House after it was opened as a museum, on the day when the authors found out about the German assault on Poland, reflected in a dark atmosphere of clouds traversing the Karawanks.[4] The film reflects Förster's fine feel for light and composition.[2] It contains voice recordings of the writer Fran Saleški Finžgar, who led the arrangement of the house, and of the poet Oton Župančič, who recited the Prešeren's poem O Vrba.[4] The music, written by Janko Gregorc (sl), was the first original Slovene film music.[1] The montage and mixing of sound and picture were done by Rudi Omota (sl).[1]


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