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Birth nameJason Hershey
Born1978 (age 42–43)
Spokane, Washington
GenresPacific reggae, dancehall, hip hop
Years active2000–present

Jason Hershey (born 1978 in Spokane, Washington), better known as O-Shen, is a reggae musician, raised in Papua New Guinea.[1] O-Shen resides in Hawai'i but still goes to PNG.[2] He raps and sings most of his songs in Tok Pisin.


O-Shen although born in Spokane, Washington was raised on the island of Papua New Guinea from a very young age.[3]


He has had collaborations with Jamaican artists like Elephant Man, Third World, Black and Uhuru.[4] His single, Throw Away the Gun, from his album, Rascal in Paradise, was featured in the 2004 film, 50 First Dates.[5]



Studio albums[edit]

Album Label Release
Iron Youth Cinnamon Red Records January 1, 2000
Rascal in Paradise Hobo House on the Hill Records 2002
Kanaka Pasifika CHM Supersound September, 2003
Rising Son Sharpnote Records January 26, 2005
Faya! Sharpnote Records 2005
Best of O-Shen Tokuma Records 2006
1 Rebel Sharpnote Records July 4, 2007
Salt Water Messenger (Part 1) 2010
Saltwater Messenger Sharpnote Records February 16, 2011
Storm - EP Rumble Rock Recordz 2012
In Ex-Isle Allstar Records April 21, 2013
Pacific Storm Push Broom Productions Inc. August 20, 2013


Singles Album Release
"Free Island People" Island Warriors 2000
"She Looks Good" (with Ho'onu'a) Take You to the Jam 2003
Why You Leaving 2012
I'll Never Bow 2012
I Am Who I Am. Feat Akay47   2012
I Am Who I Am (Remix) feat Prote-J 2012
Sometimes   2012
Hated By You   2012
I Like You   2012
Moony Night   2014
All Night   2014
Burnin’ Bridges   2014
Time Is Now   2014
Em I Pasin   2014
Mi Save Pes 2015
Let Me Out   2015
No Regrets   2016
Now and Then   2016
Island of Love   2016
Sapotim Yu 2016
Makmak 2017
Lovin’ Lovin’ You   2019
True True Friend   2019
You Know I Never 2020
No More Waterfalls   2020
Sunshine Vibes   2021
Say No More   2021
Look at You Survivin’   2021


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