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O.P. Anderson original label from 1891
Olof Peter Anderson ca 1860

O.P. Anderson Aquavit is a Swedish spirit of the akvavit type, presented in 1891 for the Gothenburg Exhibition Fair under the name "Gammal Fin 1ma Aquavit". The firm producing it was called O.P. Anderson & Son i Göteborg,[1] which has later given name to this brand of akvavit. Göteborg is the Swedish name for Gothenburg.

O.P. Anderson Aquavit is the oldest and most sold akvavit of Sweden,[2] spiced with caraway, anise and fennel and stored on oak barrels for eight months.[3] The spices are the same in the akvavits Gammaldags Norrlands Akvavit from 1929 and Skåne Akvavit from 1931, but Norrlands has sherry added to it and Skåne is blander.[4]


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