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O. Carl Simonton (born 29 June 1942 in Los Angeles, died 18 June 2009 Agoura Hills) [1][2] was a specialist in radiology and oncology.


He founded and directed the Simonton Cancer Center (SCC) in Malibu (USA) and was one of the pioneers of psycho-oncology. For over 30 years he worked with cancer patients who wanted to actively support their recovery process. Key elements of his philosophy and techniques affect the practical consulting work in the psycho-oncology in the United States, Europe and Japan.[1]

Getting Well Again[edit]

Simonton was the author of the book Getting Well Again (1992). He claimed that cancer can be treated by relaxation and visualization techniques and that patients were healed using his methods. However, an investigation into five of his most impressive cases discovered that some of his patients had undergone standard treatment or probably did not have cancer to begin with.[3] Medical health experts describe his therapy as dubious.[4]

Physician Edward R. Friedlander who investigated Simonton's techniques in depth noted that although some patients found his approach helpful his case histories are "very poor evidence" for the claim that his treatment controls tumours.[5]


  • Getting Well Again (1992)
  • The Healing Journey (2002)

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