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Omar Portee, aka O. G. Mack or Godfather Mack (born c. 1969)[1], was born in New York and was involved in creating the United Blood Nation (UBN).

In 1987, Portee claimed to have witnessed Don Taylor shoot Terrance Joyner on a Bronx, NY street in the early hours of August 16, 1987, causing Joyner’s death. Based on Portee’s eyewitness testimony, Taylor was convicted on April 25, 1989 and sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 22½ years to life. At the time of his original testimony, Portee was facing multiple charges in New York stemming from his arrest on August 31, 1987. Portee faced substantial prison time in the name of 16 2/3 to 50 years if convicted. Instead, as part of a cooperation agreement, which included his testimony against Don Taylor in People v Taylor, Portee was allowed to plead to two to six years for all charged crimes (two 1st degree robbery convictions), received credit for 21 months’ time served and was promised a favorable letter to the parole board. He commenced serving his sentence for these crimes on June 9, 1989. He was released on June 20, 1990. Portee later recanted his prior testimony and Taylor’s conviction was vacated in 2004, whereupon Taylor was released from prison after having served over 10 years in confinement. [2]

Portee and fellow inmate Leonard "DeadEye" McKenzie established the United Blood Nation while incarcerated in prison in 1993.[3] Portee was released from jail in 1999 and returned to the streets to build the Bloods into a powerful street gang.[4]

Branches were created in different areas of the city. Such as 1-8 Trey (The Bronx), 9 Trey Gangsters (Manhattan), Murderous Mad Dogs (Brooklyn), Valentine Gang (Queens), Sex Money Murder (The Bronx), G-Shine (Brooklyn). He was convicted of ten various counts of criminal activity, including racketeering, murder, conspiracy, credit card fraud, and drug trafficking, on August 27, 2002.[5] He was sentenced to 50 years[5] and is currently incarcerated in ADX Florence, Colorado.[6]


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