O2 Academy Leicester

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O2 Academy Leicester
Location Leicester, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates 52°37′18″N 1°07′31″W / 52.6217°N 1.12527°W / 52.6217; -1.12527Coordinates: 52°37′18″N 1°07′31″W / 52.6217°N 1.12527°W / 52.6217; -1.12527
Owner Academy Music Group
Type Live music, nightclub
Genre(s) All
Capacity 250-1,450
Opened 2010

The O2 Academy Leicester is a music venue located in the English City of Leicester on the University of Leicester campus.

O2 Academy Leicester is the second largest purpose built live music venue in the city with a 1,450 Capacity. In addition there are two additional venues on site operating independently and simultaneously: O2 Academy2 Leicester with a 500 capacity and O2 Academy3 Leicester for 250 patrons

The venue provides live music and club events, including student nights for the University of Leicester and DeMontfort University.


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