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Not to be confused with 0A.

OA, O.A., Oa, or oa may refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • Oa, a fictional planet in the DC Comics universe
  • The Oa, a region in Scotland
  • The OA, a television series begun in 2016
  • OpenArena, an open source first-person shooter game
  • Opie and Anthony (often "O&A"), the Opie and Anthony radio show on XM radio
  • Oriental Adventures, a Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook
  • Orion's Arm, a collaborative, hard sci-fi world-building project

Businesses and organisations[edit]



  • Ocean Acres, New Jersey, an area in Barnegat and Stafford Township, New Jersey, United States
  • The Oa, a peninsula on Islay in Scotland, United Kingdom


Science and technology[edit]

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