OAST Tiger Shark 2011

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Tiger Shark 2011
Role UAV
National origin China
Manufacturer Oulei Aviation Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Status In service
Primary user China

Tiger Shark 2011 (Hu-Sha or Husha, 虎鲨) is a Chinese UAV developed by Tai'an Oulei Aviation Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (OAST, 泰安欧雷航空科技有限公司), a company that traditionally specializes in the business of making remotely controlled airplanes for competitions. Based on its extensive experience in competition remotely controlled airplanes, the company has recently expanded it business by venturing into the UAV arena by first becoming an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to produce UAVs developed by other UAV manufacturers. The other measure OAST took to venture into UAV business is to develop UAVs of its own, and the result is Tiger Shark 2011, which shares the same composite construction like other OAST products, namely, those remotely controlled airplanes for competitions the company produced. Besides being able to takeoff and landing in short distance, being light weight and cheap to maintain, one of the Tiger Shark 2011 characteristics is that the design incorporates an internal modular section so that different payload can be rapidly replaced.[1] Although Tiger Shark 2011 has been in production since 2011, it’s unclear if it has been adopted by Chinese military or law enforcement or not, because Chinese official or governmental sources have not released any information regarding this matter.

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