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OTs-12 Tiss.png
The OTs-12
Type Assault rifle
Place of origin Russia
Service history
Used by Internal Troops[citation needed]
Production history
Designer V. N. Telesh and U. V. Lebedev
Designed Early 1990s
Manufacturer TsKIIB SOO
(Central Design Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Weapons)
Produced 1993
No. built Few hundred[citation needed]
Weight 2.5 kg (empty)
Length 730 mm
Barrel length 206.5 mm

Cartridge 9×39mm
Rate of fire 800 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 270 m/s
Effective firing range About 200 meters
Maximum firing range 400 meters
Feed system 20-round detachable box magazine
(experimental 25-round magazine)
Sights Iron sights

OTs-12 Tiss ("Yew Tree") (Russian:ОЦ-12 Тисс) is a Russian fully automatic assault rifle chambered for the sub-sonic 9x39mm round.

Work on the weapon started in the early 1990s. Basically a rechambering and reworking of the more conventional AKS-74U assault carbine, it differs only in the bolt, barrel, muzzle-brake, and magazine.[1] The 20-round box magazine was designed so that it would be compatible with standard current-issue ammo pouches but a larger 25-round magazine was rumored.

In 1993 a few hundred were built and delivered to the Russian Internal Troops for evaluation. They performed excellently, with the subsonic round showing superior penetration of cover at short and medium ranges (200–300 m) when compared to the 5.45x39mm.[2] Still, the OC-12 didn't go into mass-production and was discontinued later that year.

Other Designations[edit]

  • OC-12

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